If You Want Your Daughter to Embrace Her Natural Hair You Have to Embrace Yours

Don’t Just Talk About It Be About It

nik scott natural hair vlogger

Nik Scott

By: Nik Scott

When my oldest daughter was born, long before going natural was even a thought in my mind, I knew I wanted her to love her hair.  I knew I wanted her to hold on to those soft curls for as long as possible.  I hadn’t completely ruled out relaxers at that time, but I knew I never wanted her to relax her hair.  Since I knew all of this the moment I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, I immediately began to surround her with images that mirrored her hair.  I bought as many books as I could that portrayed little girls with hair that looked like hers.  I bought every kinky-curly haired doll I could find – girl AND boy dolls!  Every time I brushed her hair, I told her how beautiful her hair is, and my husband told her, too!  I’d even pointed out T.V. and movie characters who had hair that looked like hers.  Yes, I did this before she could even comprehend so by the time her little sister was born 2-1/2 years later, I had this “teach my kids to love their hair” thing habitual and down pat!

Nik Scott and Daughters

Nik Scott and Daughters


As my girls grew older, it dawned on me that simply surrounding them with mirror images of their hair wasn’t enough.  Like most little girls, mine mimicked everything I said and everything I did.  They wanted to wear shoes like mine, put on jewelry like mine, carry purses like mine and even wear their hair like mine.  But the hair thing wasn’t ok with me.  I didn’t want them to fry their hair like I was.  I wanted them to rock those mini Afro puffs till they wouldn’t rock no more!  But how could I encourage them to rock theirs and I was too afraid to rock mine?  I decided that the best way to encourage my daughters to love their natural hair wasn’t to keep telling them through intangible and unrealistic images of illustrations, dolls an T.V., but to actually SHOW them by loving my own hair!  So I went natural.

Encouraging your daughter to lover her natural hair begins with YOU, her mother.  It begins with leading by example and showing her how to to do it.  Show her how to love her hair by YOU first loving her hair – naturally!  She won’t love her hair if she senses you believe something’s wrong with it.  Encourage your daughter by showing her how YOU love your own natural hair.  And in the midst of this natural hair movement, it’s easier than ever to surround your daughter with books, toys and movies of girls who have hair that looks like hers!


Nik Scott is a natural hair YouTuber and the author of 10 Easy Steps To Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair Off!  Be on the look out for Nik’s children’s book My Hair Is So Happy coming in 2013.  For more information about Nik and her daughters’ natural hair, subscribe to Nik’s YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/LongHairDontCareLLC


5 thoughts on “If You Want Your Daughter to Embrace Her Natural Hair You Have to Embrace Yours

  1. Rhonda St. Lawrence-Delgado

    i did the same thing! my daughter, who is 6 now, has always been told how beautiful her hair is, and i NEVER want her to relax her hair! so 3 years ago, i decided to be the ultimate example for her and go natural, and now she loves that we can wear our hair the same and be “twins”! and she absolutely loves her kinky-curly hair! 🙂

  2. Bianka

    I commited to staying natural because of my daughter. i totalluvagree that we need to leae by example! we are our daugter first and most influential teacher

  3. Eschine Piris

    I don’t perm or texture my hair, and no one else in my home does. Because of that, my 5-year-old daughter has never asked for those, and I like it this way. She has a very soft natural hair, unlike mine that can be rough, so there’s no need for adding chemicals to it.


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