Your Hair is Hard to Comb

Your Hair is Hard to Comb, huh?
I'm gonna rock Big Sexy Hair this summer

I’m gonna rock Big Sexy Hair this summer

After being natural since 2008, I decided that this summer I would be more open to the bigness of my fro. I’m not going to be afraid of my hair. I’m not going to be put off by the shrinkage or the fullness of my afro.  This morning I walked into Starbuck’s with my 2nd day wash n go fro.  An older lady with beautiful fine salt and pepper natural hair asked me “Your hair is hard to comb, huh?  I’ve gotten this question before.  I’ve been natural so long when I get hair inquiries I see them as an opportunity to share the natural hair care gospel.  I have been fortunate enough to simplify my regimen and overcome many natural hair challenges. I’m obliged to share.
I smiled and said, “No.” “Not with the help of a big comb and great shampoo and conditioner.”  I tried Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash (see below) the day before.  I combed through my hair in four sections easily with this new conditioner and a Jumbo Rack Comb.  Stay Tuned for the product review.
How do you respond to that question?

5 thoughts on “Your Hair is Hard to Comb


    I would embrace it as a teaching moment… I haven’t had my Natural hair for as long as you have,.. but if I too gotten through all the natural hair challenges I would also feel obligated to share the natural hair care gospel… that would have been my Natural Instinctive.

  2. Dava

    The only good thing about starting your natural hair journey with breast cancer and chemo……. no one has the guts to say ANYTHING about my HAIR!!! LOL!!

  3. Mary Stok

    It’s so true. A big comb and a great conditioner does the trick. If you keep your hair combed every other day (or every day), it really is a cinch to maintain and it looks great all out in a big fluffy afro or all gathered together in a fluffy ponytail. lol I love my natural hair! 🙂

  4. TWA4now

    I think we people ask or give comments like that, it is time to educate them or just give them the big Kool-aid smile.


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