Are We Seriously Talking about Blue Ivy’s Hair

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If you frequent my blog, Natural Hair Rules, you know I have a congratuHATER attitude towards Beyonce. But my love hate relationship has not stopped me from arranging my son, Prince and Blue Ivy’s marriage. (Someone please let Jay know how its gonna go down.)

That's my Pooh

That’s my Pooh


Anyway, I take offense to the hair critics of Jay and B’s Blue Ivy and my future daughter-in-law.  Maybe because I have an 1 yr old.  So I understand that its not easy finding products for your infant or toddler. You want to ensure they are as natural as possible. And with many baby products testing positive for cancer causing agents it will cause pause in any parent.  Not to mention, those little one are not going to sit still long enough for you to do anything to their hair.  Can we also talk about the fact that baby hair is fine, soft and fragile? What is Beyonce supposed to do? I know as a parent I don’t want to take any chances. Water and coconut oil are my friend. I let my baby’s curls do their thing.

What do you think?

Moms, do you have any tips for Beyonce?


19 thoughts on “Are We Seriously Talking about Blue Ivy’s Hair

  1. Susie

    Blue ivys hair is virgin an should be treated as such. She’s supposed to let her hair be unrestrained,free. She’s a baby my 1950’s Mom never, chemicalized our hair in any way,shape or form. iI had an incredible Mother she was natural from head to foot! An you’d better not hot comb out hair Aunt T lol. Ma will gut cha lol!!

  2. Toi Adams

    What negative connotations could possibly be exercised about a one-year-old’s hair? I must have missed something. What’s wrong with the baby’s hair? Oh….maybe the same thing that’s wrong with our hyper judgmental society. People are often ostracized for refusing to fit so snug into mainstream society’s ideology of “beauty”. Wake-up, people!

  3. Ree

    I think the negative comments are a reflection of folks’ feelings/attitude toward Beyonce and/or Jay-Z. Perhaps the comments aren’t really about the baby’s hair, but about Beyonce as a parent. There’s nothing wrong with baby Blue. She’s a cutie pie and her hair is adorable. Leave the baby alone!

  4. Ynezz

    I think it is more about , most parents when taking their child out in public, make sure their child is in a “presentable state” People look at his couple and feel with them being in the public eye. That said child should at least be a bit tidy in appearance. Not you don’t have to put chemical in her hair, but maybe a cute little hair band (the elastic ones or maybe a little ribbon would have been nice. I guess in this day and age the “public” expect a certain behavior. But, I see it like this the baby “Blue” looks like her mommy, just rolled outta bed and want something to eat…so what is all the fuss about???

  5. Syd Shaw

    i think the problem lies with the parents. Not saying that Jay and Bey are bad parents because I don’t think that at all. I think they have fallen prey to something a lot of parents have – they just don’t do anything with the kid’s head. I feel that the public may find this appalling or maybe a tab bit more critical of Bey because she has a glam squad that makes sure she looks like she looks when she walks out of the house, yet does not put a comb or brush in that poor kids head. It is not a rich people issue, I have seen too many mothers do the same thing. You walk out of the house fresh to death when your kid looks crazy.

  6. Niki

    As a mother of a one-year old with super curly hair, who won’t be still for five minutes for me to do anything to it. I often end up chasing him through the house with a water bottle and coconut oil on my hand. I totally get it. People need to keep thier opinions to themselves. Would be any happier if this baby had a relaxer or a long flowing weave? get real!

  7. Djea Naturalhairspa

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Blue’s hair. I absolutely love it! All I see is healthy hair and Beyonce instilling pride in wearing it the way god made it. Good Job B!

  8. legadema37

    What the H*** is wrong with people??? Why is this even an issue.? SHE’S A LITTLE BABY, for heaven’s sake. We’re becoming a hateration nation & I bet a lot of these remarks are based on jealousy ’cause Bey has it all : talent, a great career, A HUSBAND..not a baby daddy, beauty, & now she got the nerve to have a pretty baby ! Let the neck snapping begin ! All ya’ll haters need to shut up & sit down ! Same bunch of contaminated idiots that hated on Gaby Douglas over her hair AFTER SHE WON AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL !

  9. Curlzarlise

    I don’t think anything is wrong with the baby’s hair but a bow or something would be nice. I like for little girls to have bows or ponytails or something. But to each his own! 🙂

  10. Marsha B.

    I am blessed to have 4 boys and once they all turned a year they got hair cuts. Easier to manager and they look so handsome. I think the reason people talk about blue ivy’s hair is because her parents have lots of money to manage and maintain her hair (not to mention her grandmother was a hair stylist). You see mother that make less money with bows, beads, and what ever they can find to make there child’s hair look presentable. When Angelina Jolie adopted African daughter was walking around like that we all had issues. Sounds like a double standard to me. If a white woman has a black or biracial daughter it’s not ok for her child to look like that. But if it’s Beyoncé it’s ok.

  11. blacklogiclady

    I keep hearing all this “presentable” talk, what is “presentable”? Is it what YOU think is “presentable” or does the problem lay within you and your own hang ups?

    Bows are cute, but they don’t have to be worn all the time. Some of us black women have this obsession with bows and we act as though the child is gonna get in trouble if they don’t wear a damn BOW in their head! My goodness Ya’ll she doesn’t have to wear baubles and bows. Not all females like the look of bows.

    I have a two year old son, who’d wild as heck, and he doesn’t keep his hair “DID” after I try to comb it. I have to chase him around too, just like I did my daughter. Kids grow into the hair thing as they start to like the opposite sex. We don’t need to be making them look cute for everyone to be pleased with them. Babies are not dolls, so all the “bow” and “presentable” talk is really just annoying in my opinion.

    My own daughter would take her bows out and pull on her ribbons, Do you think with all the stuff I had to do as a house wife, that I had TIME to stop her from taking her hair apart? I also didn’t do much with my child’s hair, but wash and detangle and she was wild too. My kids are wild and I’m sorry but Bey’s baby looks wild, and like she’s having FUN. I am so happy Bey is a good mom and is always spending time with her daughter. How many of us can say that we just PLAY with our kids instead of treating them like dolls who needs bows, or needs to be “presentable” Smarten up people, the child is gorgeous and she’s having fun. Beyoncé is a great mom. And when it’s all said and done, her daughter will saying, “MY mommy was the best!!” People forget the things that count in life.

  12. blacklogiclady

    I apologize I didn’t mean to say “FEMALE” I meant to say women. I have always hated when people used the word female. lol

  13. blacklogiclady

    I think some of you need to visit HOLLAND and see how the women over THERE wear their hair. The women over there have different attitudes, they are pretty much running their relationships and don’t allow men to walk all over them. They are pretty cool, because they don’t really care about hair over there. Most of them are very well educated and don’t care about such things like makeup, or allowing men or society to dominate them. They don’t enslave their girls minds and force them to submit to the bow and dress thing over there, and most of them come off as a bit tom boyish, but they really just seek comfort with just a dash of style.

    Some countries don’t have the same hang ups as in America, I have noticed. The kids in some countries are allowed to go out everyday and wear their hair anyway they want, lol the parents don’t helicopter their kids and don’t force them to submit to the sexist roles bs that a lot of us black women tend to do here.Bows are oppressive, why does she have to show that she’s a girl by wearing bows? Yes we know she’s a girl, she doesn’t need a damn BOW everyday to show it. And it’s not like Beyoncé is really into her hair as much either lately. She’s kind of doing the simple braids and the wild look lately herself. Adjusting herself to motherhood unless, she’s got an appearance to go to or something.


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