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New Product Alert: Beautiful Textures


Beautiful Textures Hair Care introduces new products. It launched the  #TeamTextured Beauty Series to introduce their newest product additions to its hair collection.   Beautiful Textures’ newest products include –   the Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse, Curl Definer Styling Custard and Edges to Ends Silkener.  You can find these products at your nearest Wal-Mart.

 Beautiful Texture New Products

 NHR Fam,

What do you think of Beautiful Textures products?


7 thoughts on “New Product Alert: Beautiful Textures

  1. Transitiongirl25

    I was so excited about this new product especially since I am transitioning out of my relaxed hair. Unfortunately it did not do what it stated. I followed the directions of the product but it ended up drying my hair and made it more coarse than usual. I had to wash it out the next day and use my usual products. That is too bad because I am always supporting products out there made for natur hair.

  2. NaturallySonja

    I actually like Beautiful Textures products and I’d like to try the custard and the mousse. I use the Moisture Butter and the Curl Control Defining Pudding and they work well on my hair.

  3. Color_Of_Beauty

    I use most of the Beautiful Textures line as a staple product, and because of that, I gave the Styling Custard and the Mousse a try. I recommend both, but I will say, the custard does cause some flaking esp near the front when I get heavy handed with it, but I use an oil (olive oil, vitamin e oil) or Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk to get rid of most of the flaking.

  4. beautybyzara

    These are new to our store here in the UK and we’ve had customers giving mixed reviews. Personally, I think its good for the price, but I always try anything at least once!

  5. Nicole

    Well, I tried it thinking it would be a good replacement for Shea Moisture’s Curl Souffle…DEAD WRONG! Firstly it dried hard (i hate that), secondly, it made my hair so very dry and that’s WITH carefree curls instant moisture, coconut oil, shea butter and a little of beautiful textures moisture butter underneath, thirdly, it shrank my hair ridiculously. Sigh, but, you live and you learn. This shall go in my basket of “never agains”

  6. ThatGirlDoes

    I have the custard in my hair right now. I tried the pudding two days ago with the leave in underneath and it dried my hair some. The hold wasn’t that great and by the end of the day there was an inordinate amount of frizz.

    Yesterday I tried the custard, again with the leave in underneath and the flakes were a-flyin’!!!! When I parted my hair there were white chunks everywhere!!!! I tried the custard again and I am waiting for it to dry. I don’t think my hair has felt that dry in a long time. It was so dry it started to tangle all crazy.

    This time I put in the leave in then used the mixed chicks leave in (My hair loves glycerin and it’s the second ingredient and it also defines my hair really well. I think because the tacky consistency helps) on top of that and then applied the custard. So far it’s looking pretty good…

    I will say I LOVE the smell 🙂


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