Derek J: “Natural Hair is NOT for Everyone”


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Derek J: “Natural Hair isn’t for everyone.”  This isn’t the first time someone has said it and it won’t be the last. I have had women come up to me and say “It looks good on you”, “I can’t do that”, “Natural isn’t for everyone”.  I have been natural since 2006 and I still don’t know how to respond to these comments.  So I’ll ask you to weigh by commenting below.

What is your response to “natural’s not for everyone”?

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Last night Bravo aired a new tv show, “Fashion Queens” featuring hair stylist Derek J, fellow hair stylist and “Real House Wives of Atlanta” cast member, Miss Lawrence, and media and style maven and Bevy Smith. The three big personalities discussed things like haute couture, trends and what would a fashion show be without the shade that comes with discussing the most egregious fashion faux pas.

The show is primarily about style, so it was interesting Bravo chose Derek J. If you’ve seen some of his public appearances, you might have noticed that more times than not,  he’s far from impeccably dressed. And I’m not referring to the fact that he wears women’s clothes, but more to the fact that he wears ill-fitting, tacky looking women’s clothes. But let me stop. That’s not what I’m here for today.

During last night’s show, I was otherwise occupied, catching up on “Girls” episodes and watching “Golden Girls.” But I jumped on Twitter for a hot second to see that Derek J, whose business is hair, made some interesting comments. He said that he’s “not a fan of the natural hair movement.” Ok, fair. You don’t have to like it. But then he took a step further saying:

“natural hair is not for everyone.”


48 thoughts on “Derek J: “Natural Hair is NOT for Everyone”

  1. Kristen (@K_tenKS)

    He’s a hairstylist. Seems like he mainly does weaves and perms. Of course he’s not going to like the natural hair movement because that’s not his specialty which means no money in his pocket. He’s selling himself and since he doesn’t SEEM to do natural hair, he’s not going to associate himself with it. For all we know he could love it but he’s not going to say that on camera.

    And I agree, he doesn’t look great in his clothes!

      1. belles

        Natural hair is NOT a hairstyle. IT is hair you are born with and your create Hairstyles with it. Learn to love your self and everything u were gifted sis.

      2. Keekee

        Natural hair isn’t way too much work. Too much work is buying weave, keeping it flat ironed, curled ,and
        staying away from water. Looks like to me it’s the other way around. If you love yourself just the way you are you would rock your natural hair. Hair stylist and perm companies are scared that they are going to be put out of business from natural hair. And trust me, it’s coming.

      3. Joie C.

        I agree! I can’t wrap my head around getting my hair “processed” and weaved-up all of the time just to feel good about myself. That’s doing WAY too much!

  2. Delia

    Lol, he isn’t a fan because its taking money out of his pockets. But I’ve been told personally it takes a strong woman who is secure with herself to wear her hair in ores natural state.

  3. Kathy miller

    He is a hair stylist now that people are going natural a lot of natural don’t got to the salon. I don’t miss it at all. I have learned a lot about my my hair.

  4. Christal

    Natural hair has to be for everyone because we were all born with it. The problem comes in individuals knowing how to properly care for their hair, which takes more work then some are allowed to do. It’s so much easier to relax it, in some cases because that doesn’t require knowing your texture, or what products it will take to nourish your hair. I was one of those people, until I learned that my hair would be better off than anything a box of chemicals could ever do for it, if I just took the time to learn what it takes to maintain it.

  5. PalmBeach Princess

    Well, that’s what we get for making him think he’s relevant, and that what he thinks is significantt to affect a “movement”.. A “movement”… REALLY? Not for everyone?? Yeah, because frying your scalp, your hair, your skin, face and eyes with CHEMICALS to straighten your hair is perfectly “natural”, and is something “everyone” should do… He needs to find out where/when it was he learned to hate himself

    1. Keekee

      My high school student told me today that she doesn’t like perming her hair because her perms never take but her mom won’t let her go natural because its ugly and her hair is too bad.

  6. ceystalminer

    I don’t care about his opinion! He is obviously confused about a lot in life! Society today is so fake that real is unattractive. It kills me that people that lack the mental prowess or self-awareness needed to develop themselves, choose to pass judgment on others!!!

  7. Sharon

    I’m so enjoying rocking my natural hair its almost a year since i am doing so and it feels great,i had dreads and come a month ago i loosed them out and rocking afro dam even better so cute

  8. Regina

    Why? He say it like we were born with relaxed hair and gotten a curly perm. I watched the show and turned off after that stupid comment.

  9. Nadine

    Maybe natural hair that isn’t maintained or those women who use being natural as a reason to not comb their hair. On the other hand in the sense that one persons hair type is superior, then I have a problem with the statement.

  10. Miz D

    When fools, I mean folks, say that to me, I just ask. “why not, you were born with it.” They usually start stuttering about then. But on the real tip, it’s cutting into stylists’ money. It’s all about the pocketbook.

  11. Cia

    He dug deep .

    At first I am think he probably said that because he makes his money doing hair , weaves and styles along that line . And now I am thinking he thinks his opinion is valid when it is certainly not . I don’t understand why they keep giving people shows or input on television selling lies .

    How can any man tell any woman what works for her ?! Especially when it is something about how she is created!

    He is not a woman . I don’t care what clothing he dresses in or who he wants to be, naturally he is not a woman . And even if he were a woman telling another woman natural isn’t for her. . . how dare anyone say that?!

    And I am not , absolutely not bashing him because of his lifestyle and his choices .

    I do not agree at all with the lie he said about “Natural hair is not for everyone.” Especially coming from someone who shouldn’t be attacking people .

    What sense does that make?
    None at all .

    I don’t wanna go into something that I can not handle. I don’t understand where he is coming from with this comment . This opinion , whoever thought it was okay to say something like that . Its very hurtful .

    I am tired of people telling someone who they are created to be isn’t enough. Or doesn’t work for them. Natural is for every one because it is theirs! Its like saying being black doesn’t work !


    I didn’t watch the show , I decided I won’t be apart of it when I saw the trailers while watching Real Housewives of Atlanta . . .

    Now I am happy to know I didn’t miss anything at all.

    Thank you for sharing! I want to know what you think too!

  12. Chrissy

    Derek J was just stating what any hairdresser might say, its only hair. I honestly think he was referring to those who have the time to care for natural and of course some of us don’t, I have seen a ton of natural hair disasters. It is what truly makes an African american women different. Our hair can be bone straight one year and natural the next. Its our own preference, one hair type should not be considered better than the other. As long as we protect and care for our hair permed or not, there should be no judgement otherwise. Judgement seems to be a common flaw in African american women.

  13. Chrissy

    Typical black women make fun of someone in order to prove a weak point! Do you any of you know his clients! Natural or Relaxed

  14. L

    It’s deeper than “just a statement.” For many years, black women have been told that our natural hair and black features are not beautiful. By making such a foolish comment, he is perpetuating this negative mentality and he needs to be checked on it. No woman should be ashamed or be discouraged from embracing her natural beauty. And ftr, he never said black women who can’t maintain their natural hair shouldn’t be natural. He said verbatim: natural hair is not for everyone. Don’t make excuses for him.

  15. Sanaa

    aaah so happy. Black women, thank you! its finally over. Natural hair is here and it will stay why because its how black people’s hair grow. His statement sounds more like “Hey white woman, keep your hair its for everyone, hey black woman, you know your hair is not for everyone diss it and wear it like hers” So sad we have allowed this perception for so long. *hiss*

  16. Khanyi

    I’m an African who still gets strange looks walking in Africa in my African hair!!!! People like Derek J will have no job in years to come when African people learn to love their hair and he will wish he never said something like this….and he might just come to me to give him a job as a natural hair stylist….

  17. Leesa

    Wow! I am overwhelmed by the passion of the previous comments. I did not see this show, but the “comment” was new to my ears. It took years for me to accept that perms weren’t for me and a few more years to undo the programing of straight versus my natural state. There’s nothing pretty about straight lifeless over processed hair of which many women are victims. It’s emotional and your esteem maybe challenged but you come out better on the other end. It’s about love and it starts with self.

  18. Treena

    You know, I don’t even care to hear what he has to say, just the fact that anyone making that statement is just dumbfounded, considered an idiot. So you are telling people “don’t be comfortable in your skin, or change to what society wants you to be. You know trust me when I say this, I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this. How long did it take him to be comfortable to come out to his family and friends on being gay, when did he realize it was for him to announce it? And even more so, when will he realize that the clothes that he wears is not for him, seriously! BLACK women, be comfortable in ALL that you do, rock it. He’s just upset that his business will slowly decline because we now realize that we don’t need to put all those harsh chemicals in our hair to be someone we are not. Not trying to be racist or anything, but white women perm their hair so it can be curly, they go tanning to get color, when is it going to be okay to be us, especially when others are trying to be like us. When will black people as a race come back together and support each other for being great in all that we do and all that we are. My God! My natural sisters, do your thing!

  19. Constance

    Sooooo what kind of hair are we born with? …I’ve been natural 8 years and not turning back so I’M a fan!!!

  20. Gwenola Dunn Grier

    I have grown out of my perm. I am have an issue with one spot in the front. I will not go back to relaxed hair. I might wear a short wig, but I am nursing this bald spot and wear what The Good Lord gave me.

  21. Angie

    I wish everyone would just do whatever they’d like with their hair and do not judge others. That is one “guy’s” opinion and he has a right to it, whether it’s for financial gain or he really believes it. I happen to believe that not everyone is ready to wear their natural hair for one reason or another, and that some of the people are just jumping on the natural hair band-wagon. It’s their choice to do so, but it should mean something more than “it’s what everyone else is doing right now”. I love some of the natural neat Afros, twists and even some of the fades if it fits your face and head type… but I personally work in a conservative corporate environment and it would be EXTREMELY difficult for me to change to a natural style… even if I wanted to. The bottom line is, however… don’t want to..TODAY. That’s the beauty of being a fiercely and wonderfully made black woman, I can change my mind AND the way I rock my hair at any given moment and don’t have to explain my decision to anyone. Most importantly, I like having the option of wearing my (straightened) hair or putting a piece in for a cute up do or even wearing a wig for a special occasion… as long as they look classy. In other words, let everyone choose for themselves and stop passing judgement. Most of the people who are jumping on the natural hair band wagon were some of the biggest critics of natural hair just a few years ago when it wasn’t a fad. I know women who have rocked a natural even through the glossy 90’s. Now they are fierce women because it definitely wasn’t a FAD then!!! I LOVE sisters who rock natural hair proudly and confidently, but I LOVE it when women rock the most important looks; pride, confidence and class, no matter what their hair looks like! -Peace and Blessings my Sistas.

  22. Florrie

    I have been wearing my hair natural, fade cut, for over 10 years. I love it. Lots of females think its harder to take care of natural but to be truthful it’s harder to take care of relaxed hair. No ladies you do not have to buy all them products for your natural hair. You can go into your pantry and use the oils that you have. I make my own conditioner. I tell ladies you have to find a style that looks right on you. I wear mine very short, fade cut. I have gotten compliments not just from women but from men. The men ask me who is my barber.

  23. c

    you learn various styles by trial and error–just like you experimented when you were a young girl to find the right styles on your relaxed hair, and not EVERY style looked good on you, the same goes for natural hair. The problems are
    (1) ppl have been so conditioned to ONLY deal with straight hair they never learned and went through that experimentation phase of trying various styles with their own textured hair that now they don’t even recognize what to do with it
    (2) because they are not magically and instantaneously familiar with doing natural styles [which you can’t expect to be if you never worked with it] ppl conclude that “it’s too difficult/time consuming/unmanageable to deal with my natural hair texture” and they just revert to what they’ve always done [relaxing], and
    (3) ppl don’t recognize that natural vs relaxed is your texture–not your “style”. there are a myriad of styles. Concluding that natural hair “isn’t for you” just because you don’t look good in a bantu knot out is as ridiculous as concluding straight hair isn’t for someone because they don’t looked good with finger waves!

  24. Melissa

    I wear my natural hair. I admit I do get perms and styles without weave. My hair is very thick and it easier for me to just perm it and wear it down or up in a style. I love how ppl always comment on my natural hair cause it’s so long. I think the weave game is overrated. buy the hair, then you charge to cut or color, and I’ve to maintain it at home. No thanks. I rather pay $45 for a updo or $70 for and perm and style with my real hair. #TeamNatural

  25. mrspruitt1983

    I think anyone can wear natural hair. But it’s up to that person to do what their hair will do, accept it for what it is and maintain it as it so requires. As a stylist that is verse in a multitude of textures, I just think that every texture needs to be cared for accordingly and is true beauty will shine through.

  26. Erin

    Of course natural hair is for everybody, it’s the hair God gave you. The question is…do you have the courage and self esteem to be YOU? Naturally YOU!


    I would agree with this if it didn’t belittle someone giving their opinion. I don’t agree with what he says, but to attack his choice of clothing is doing the same this women do to other women to keep them down.

  28. kp

    Natural hair is for everyone. Those who can’t see the beauty in themselves in their natural state don’t really appreciate themselves and truly love who they are. Natural hair is a choice,but it is more than that, it is a recognition of yourself and a recognition of your power. When you first go natural, of course it will be something different, new and may be terrifying. The journey is and will always be worth it. Because you have to confront society’s ideals and even your own. In fact the journey is really for you to find every reason to chose you over a stereo type or the opinions of others. Now, caring for natural hair is an embracing act of lovingness towards yourself. Once you accomplish this, you can explore styling and you’ll often find that rather than so called styling you’ll love the idea of embracing your natural hair state, like the way your hair falls or curls or puffs. Your get out of bed hair. Your naturally and beautifully simple state of being. Dont ever be discouraged from exploring yourself and don’t ever listen to others who tell you not to do so. Discover the crevices, planes and depths of you and do it unashamed and untamed and yes I am naturally, and I became natural years before there was a natural hair ‘movement’. I have struggled with it, I have done something many of the people I knew at the time said they couldn’t do. I have taught myself about what it truly means to be confident. I have found myself more and more and that has been partly as a result of starting this journey with my hair.


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