3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Natural Hair Products

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If you’re anything like me you have a beauty supply store in your bathroom.  You’re on that search for that perfect product that leaves your hair hydrated, shiny and makes your curls pop! And when that doesn’t happen you’re disappointed. Its on to the next one.  This post will help to decrease your product junk tendencies. And get more out of your current product stash.  Here are 3 simple things you can add to your current regimen to give it an extra boost.

How to get the Most Out of Your…

Shampoo by Pre-pooing

Pre-poo is the process of treating the hair with coconut oil before shampooing to prevent excess loss of natural oils. These natural oils can be stripped by traditional shampoos during the cleansing process. I have to admit that I was somewhat anti pre-poo.  It just didn’t make sense to condition or moisturize your hair before shampooing. But I was wrong. Studies show that moisturizing your hair with coconut oil before shampooing prevents damage and the loss of the hair’s natural proteins in addition to helping the hair stay moisturized.  I use whipped coconut oil to pre-poo my hair.

Conditioner by adding oil

Get more out of your conditioner by adding a natural oil. A little bit of olive oil, jojoba, almond and/or avocado oil will take your conditioner to the next level.  This will add an extra moisturizing factor and vitamins to the conditioner’s existing formula.

Leave-In Conditioner by adding Aloe Vera gel or juice

Get more out of your leave-in conditioner by adding Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer and pH balancer. It has pH balancing properties that will help your hair retain more moisture by closing the cuticles. Mixing a tablespoon or two to leave-in conditioner before applying will give you a smooth finish.  I like to add a dab of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel (you can find it in your grocery or health food store) to my Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner before styling my natural hair.

How do you get the most of your hair product?

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30 thoughts on “3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Natural Hair Products

  1. Zainab1

    Great tips and reminders. I add aloe juice to both my DC and leave in, as well as my spritz bottle. My hair loves Aloe. Thanks for posting . Take care.


  2. Reeno

    Is the coconut oil that I buy in the dollar store sufficient? What are some of the bad ingredients that I should look for in bogus coconut oil? Where should I buy organic oil?

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Is it pure extra virgin coconut oil? If yes, then that’s perfect. You can buy coconut oil at the grocery store.

  3. Reeno

    What can I us to control friz? I do not straighten at all only twist out. My hair is about 4″ long and fro’s up with strong – good curl definition. Right now I’m using organic root stimulator – olive oil and my sisters keeper hair dip. I wish I had less friz. Help!

    1. Tia

      Try using a curl crea

      Try using a curl cream with a bit of hold. I personally like Jane Carters curl cream. Even though its expensive, its the only curl cream I can use that doesn’t make my hair sticky. Try purchasing small sample sizes of various curl creams and see which one works best for u. The key is a little goes a long way, u dont want ur hair to sticky. I usually put the cream on each section of hair before i twist it, rather than putting it on my whole head first. also, make sure ur hair is completely dry before you take your twists out, and be gentle when u take them out. Hope that helps!

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Yes or you can just mix only a small amount for one applications. I usually use a small dish and mix what I need for my hair.

  4. Natural Hair Styles 101

    I’ve done all of these tips at some point, but the one that I’ve remained faithful to is pre-pooing with coconut oil! I love doing this. I leave it on overnight and shampoo it out in the morning! My curls love it!

  5. Marie

    is there any difference between pre poo with coconut oil and any other oil? because I normally prepoo with a mixture of; olive oil and almond oil…

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Yes, although olive oil penetrates into the hair like coconut oil. Coconut oil is proving to be more effective than olive oil. Refer to the link above.

  6. annette

    my hair is breaking in the front. I use a wide tooth comb and condition, my hair is graying and those strands seem to be even more coarse and dry. please help I don’t want to go bald in the front. My hair is all natural without color or chemicals.

  7. Dyanne

    Lately I have noticed a lot of breaking and sheading. I’m not doing anything different. What can I do to prevent this from happening. I deep condtion every 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. Khanyi

    Question 1.I recently bought coconut oil but it feels so stiiiicky (confused) and on the label it says also with glycerine. Is this right I don’t want to tell my self I got the right product when in fact I’m doing my hair a disservice.

    QSn 2. I also have recently started using leave in conditioner and on the ingredients its has Aqua as the first on the list(which I hear makes it water based which is a good thing) but my question is Do I apply moisturiser first then Leave in conditioner…Or I apply leave in Conditioner then moisturiser. and also what are the physical qualities of a good moisturiser what should it or should not contain? Thank you

    ❤ lots from South Africa.

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author


      Sounds like its not pure coconut oil. Glycerine isn’t bad but it can leave a sticky feeling. You can buy 100% Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from the grocery store.

      If your using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I would apply the coconut oil and then the leave in conditioner.

      1. Elle Michelle

        I’m certainly no expert on this but wouldn’t you apply the conditioner first, since it’s water-based and the coconut oil second? If you apply the oil first, the water-based leave-in conditioner won’t be able to penetrate the hair, due to the oil.

      2. Naturalhairrules Post author

        Yea, I mean it doesn’t seem to make sense. But coconut oil is one of the few oil that actually penetrates the hair. So it absorbs into the hair to help retain moisture from the inside out. And the purpose of conditioners are to smooth and close the hair cuticle. By applying the coconut oil first it will enter the hair and lock moisture inside. The leave-in conditioner will act as the sealer.

  9. Reeno

    1. Do you simply put a the extra virgin coconut oil in the hair and message in like your shampoo to pre-poo with nothing else? Also

    2. I hate shampooing my hair because there’s at least a two-three day period that I am under-moisturized and frizzed. FYI: After I shampoo & condition I twist. I usually do my hair early enough that it will air dry by the next day. I then do a twist out. I prefer this because it is simple and it is maintenance and more importantly gym friendly. HELP! I tried Kurls Unleashed (thinking that this will relieve the frizz) and other than it costs more the results were no different. To deal with this lack of moisture more infrequently I shampoo every two weeks rather than weekly HELP!

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Section your hair and mist with water. Apply to coconut oil from ends to roots and let sit for 20-30 mins and shampoo as normal. Doing this pre-shampoo treatment will leave your hair moisturized.

  10. maame

    i am currently using miss jessie’s product, but it seems the product is not doing any justice to my hair. what is the best product to use for my hair type..c4

  11. SeeChelle

    Love the advice. Started using coconut oil daily and have noticed a tremendous difference in moisture hair retains. Will now start pre-pooing with whipped coconut oil and using aloe with leave in for ultimate moisture! Thank you!


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