The Pillow Bonnet


Yes, you read that right. Its a bonnet for your pillow. When I first saw that I thought to myself what a cute idea.

What makes Pillow Bonnet different than a satin pillowcase?

One, the elastic of the bonnet allows the Pillow Bonnet to stay put through all of the night’s toss and turns. The bonnet is also made of a special satin called Peau de Soie.  Not only is it water proof, its stain resistant. This means you can let your hair air dry overnight without worrying about waking up to a product mess or oil stains. You know what I’m talking about.

Order your own Pillow Bonnet

Great for children

Great for children

The jewel tones are gorgeous.  I have one in Amethyst (pictured to the left). It stays put all night but still let’s my hair or satin head scarf glide across it.

The Pillow Bonnet is great for everyone.  Its ideal for that wild sleeper who can’t keep a scarf or pillow case on.

More About Pillow Bonnet

We all need a hair routine! And that is exactly our vision; to take the chore out of maintaining healthy hair. Our goal is to help you find that perfect balance between products and maintenance, and to make caring for your hair so easy that it becomes your hair routine. Of course, we didn’t forget that just because something is routine, doesn’t mean it can’t be modern, fresh and fun.  Pillow Bonnet is made of 100% Paeu de Soie satin with an elastic back making it easy to slip on and off yourpillow.  Cover your pillow in seconds and sleep in luxury!


*This is a sponsored post but don’t fret my opinions are honest.



4 thoughts on “The Pillow Bonnet

  1. Yvonne

    I have a pillow bonnet an I love the way it keeps my product in my hair an not on my pillow. It’s worth the investment..


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