Not to jump on the Beyonce Bandwagon…

Not to jump on the Beyonce Bandwagon but life is but a dream.  I say that sarcastically. Why is her stuff so catchy?! Its freaking annoying. I have a love/hate admiration for Beyonce.
I made fun of my best friend for buying Bey’s actual CD on release date. Then I was putting together my workout playlist. It include 1/4 Destiny’s Child and Beyonce songs. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh sh___! I’m a Beyonce fan…


Last weekend her documentary premiered on HBO. I was partly humbled as a fan to see some very intimate never before seen footage. Then I was annoyed by the vagueness of some of it. I’m only writing this because it keeps coming on like everyday. And every time I watch it. I’m almost hoping that there’s some deeper meaning that I missed the first times I watched it. But no. I’m still lost.
I guess I’m more of a fair weather fan. Although, she never lets on that she’s having a bad day. Anyway, when she publicly announced her pregnancy, I was elated. We had one more thing in common beside our beauty and shared hometown of Houston, TX. Both of us were apart of a dynamic duo (B & J and Ben & Tam) having our first child. In my living room, I was screaming “we’s pregnant, we’s gonna have a BABY” after that iconic moment at the VMA’s.  On that note, I have already arranged Prince’s marriage to lil Blue Ivy. Can somebody please let Jay know?

When I came across this parody by Siamese twin sister, Keyonce Bowles that hater part of me was overjoyed.  Check it out and let me know what you think by commenting below.



14 thoughts on “Not to jump on the Beyonce Bandwagon…

  1. Dalia Oyiboke

    I totally agree with you!! I have a love/ hate relationship her too!! Sometimes I feel she should take a break because I feel there is a over saturation of her everywhere. I just wish people would leave her alone regarding the fake pregnancy rumors.

  2. Kimberley Hawkins

    OMG…this is hilarious! I was laughing out loud at work! I too have a congraduhater type love for Beyoncé. Loved the video, thanks for the morning giggles!


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