Forget the Natural Hair Rules

Warning this is a natural hair rant…

Forget the Natural Hair RulesI am so tired of the natural hair rules which I know is ironic considering the name of this site. But honestly when I came up with the name, Natural Hair Rules in 2008 it was deeper than Webster’s definition [rules- a prescribed guide for conduct or action]. It stemmed from the fact that there were few outlets of natural hair inspiration and empowerment.

Even though the natural hair movement was brewing many of us still had no idea what we were doing.

Dickey of Hair Rules & Natural Hair Rules

Me modeling for Dickey of Hair Rules on KRIV-Fox 26 Houston

But let me speak for myself. I’m still learning my hair and how to care for her properly after 6 years. I still have days where I stand in the mirror and say “I’ll cut you”. That makes her act right every time. No lie.  She be trying to act a fool.

After meeting, interviewing and/or being styled by world renowned hair care professionals like Dickey of author & creator of Hair Rules, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, Felicia Leatherwood of Loving Your Natural Hair, Dr. Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution & Trichology Clinic and Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair I can say I have learned from the best.  But it doesn’t end there. I’m studying and researching the best haircare practices and techniques for our hair every day. Natural Hair is not the typical hair blog were you will find questionable and contradicting information. No. You will find expert advice. *steps off soap box*

Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter and Natural Hair Rules!!!

Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and Natural Hair Rules!!!

I say all of that to say make your own Natural Hair Rules but with accurate hair care information.  You have to filter your natural hair information and go to good sources.  If you have questions about what a blogger is saying, ask for their sources. Or confirm the information by doing your own additional research.



In making your own Natural Hair Rules do what works for your hair, lifestyle, and your overall hair goals.  Not everyone wants long hair. Some people like to blow their hair out. Shoot, I do. I’m not a fan of making a salad in my hair. (But if you are here are 5 Hair Treatments You Have In Your Kitchen) And that’s ok. Don’t big chop or do (Read Here for Tips on How To Transition Long Term Without Breakage). Do you, boo boo!!! DO YOU!!!

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What are your natural hair rules???


12 thoughts on “Forget the Natural Hair Rules

  1. jikjil4ever

    legitimate and professional rant. I love it. My hair rules, there are no rules…only what keeps my hair looking great and me feeling the same. thanks for all you continue to do for the natural hair/ natural life community

  2. nappyheadedblackgirl

    Great post.

    My #1 hair rule is, and has always been, to do your research. Leanr what works for YOUR hair. Don’t blindly hop on bandwagons and question everyone, even the so-called “gurus”.

  3. Tracey Martin

    This has been the best site for giving me information on my hair and like you I am still learning. I am getting ready to transition my daughter (wish I had done it sooner) because she has seen my hair healthier than it has ever been. Keep doing what you are doing because for people like me, I use you as my resource when trying something new with my hair. GO You!!!

  4. Miz D

    No. 1 rule is: It’s not that serious. I have been natural for 25 years, with every style imaginable. My choice was not embraced or celebrated at the time, but I accepted that. Last year, I decided to STOP wearing protective styles and move to more natural products. That’s when I started paying attention to this curly girl “movement.” And some of it I find ridiculous. First, no one invented it, and certainly not 8 or 10 years ago. When I met Lonnice Brittenum Bonner in ’92, author of “Good Hair” she was sporting a fierce twist out. That was 21 years ago.

    Secondly, some of the edicts are insane (always wash your hair in the shower, section your hair before co-washing, always wear protective styles, seal with this, style with that, and on and on). Not every rule, or suggestion, will work for everyone.

    There was a time I was bald from chemotherapy. So I think I have a more relaxed perspective on the hair and growth thing. Plus my hair grew back “finer” which actually was an adjustment for me. The curl pattern changed and some things I could and couldn’t do anymore.

    I’ve done my research and experimented ad nauseum. The result: I have learned too much about hair in general, understand my own tresses better, and what works and doesn’t work, especially with my silver/gray patches. But there is a tremendous amount of information out there — none of us will ever live long enough to read it all!!

    I love my big (for me), wild, twist outs and updos, my hairstyles of choice these days. But my biggest joy is on those days when I am rocking it, and a permed sistah checks me out, compliments me, shares her worries/fears and then starts asking questions. I encourage her to free herself from perm bondage (and damage), cheer her on and welcome her to the “movement.” That’s a good day.

  5. Tia

    Yeah I feel the same way. The best way to learn something is to try it out for yourself, on your own hair. I went natural before this whole YouTube and blogging phenomenon, and to tell the truth I don’t even remember saying “I’m going natural”, and I surely didnt know I was “transitioning”, i just new i wanted to stop getting perms. Granted there were some things that i wish i would have known the first couple years (such as detangling dry, unstretched hair is a no-no lol), but all in all, my hair was still growing and was healthy and i was still doing the same things and using the same products i did when i was permed, except putting heat on my hair. There are some things that some naturals swear by that I have never done, and would never do, Cause I know what’s right for my hair. I feel like all of this information on YouTube and blogs can be information overload, and just because one thing works on one persons hair doesn’t mean it will work on mine. Now i do like to get styling options from different sources, but hair info, i trust myself with that lol

  6. Kimberly

    Yes thank u for yor rant, sometimes i feel the same way. What works for me may not work for you,her,and them.Some people act like now that you are natural, how dare you blow out your hair or wear braids, or weaves,,..,?/! how dare u just put me and my hair in a box!?,;) ok sorry just came down off my box…THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  7. Robertta

    I am so thankful that my little sis led me to this website. I have left the texturizer/perm world &decided to go natural. This was several years ago, but I think I sent my hair into shock, because I did it cold turkey. I have tried different products, but I want to scream! I still think my ‘fro still looks dry. I’m wondering if it’s the current products I’m using now, or if it’s what I’m eating/not eating, not enough water, etc. I’m also dealing with “the spot” in the back of my head that has been giving me trouble since my college days! I’m at the end of my rope. HELP!!! Anyone have any suggestions?


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