My Take On Valentine’s Day


Let me start off with I’m not a girly girl. I hate pink and flowers. I just don’t get it. You’re going to buy me something that’s going to die in a week to signify your affection for me. You can keep it. Buy me a house plant or something. Pay a bill with that money!

Don’t get me start on Valentine’s Day. I’m a happily married cynic of seven years. I don’t believe in soul mates or the notion of “you’re the one”. I believe is strong friendships that grow and develop into passionate partnerships.

I can say I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. It might have to do with that one time I was dumped on V-day but I half way doubt it. Anyway, it has bitten me in the butt because  when I gave my husband a homemade card he was taken off guard. What can I say? The boy meaning my son has made me sentimental. Motherhood strikes again. Having a baby has made me soft. Yay I said it… I digress.


Just for kicks feel free to Fill In The Blank in the Comment Section

__________________ Valentine’s

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