Making Hair Typing Work For You

How To Make Hair Typing Work For You

In part one of the hair typing series, I broke down the various aspects of hair typing: curl pattern, porosity, texture, density, and elasticity.  But now the question is…how do you put this information to use?

The easiest way to explain this is to use myself as an example.

Like so many I was completely confused and a little overwhelmed when I first went natural.  Everyone was throwing around terms, products I had to try, and declaring curl types left and right.  Needless to say, I purchased product after product…that didn’t work for my hair type.
That is when I started to take the time to truly understand my hair.  You can say I built a relationship with my hair.  And not just the Andre Walker Typing System, which is limited in utility.  I learned about various aspects of hair typing so I could  better understand how to moisturize and style my hair.  And that is when I had my major breakthrough.

For 3 Things You Should Understand About Hair Typing turn the page

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17 thoughts on “Making Hair Typing Work For You

  1. alexis

    I really enjoy reading all of this. I really need help I am at the stage where I’m about to give up, but I don’t want to. My hair is mixed with kinky and soft curls . Its strange. I stopped relaxing almost a year ago. I don’t know what to do, how to style it or how to moisturize it. It is also uneven and I got lots of knots when I wash it. I don’t even know if I should comb it or not . I am lost.

    1. Val

      I originally had that problem also, what worked for me was a product called Wen. I use it only for detangling my hair and it seems to work well. Because it is pricey I only use it detangle my hair but use it as a wash in my daughters hair.

  2. Shellie

    just starting my natural journey!!! Did the big chop on friday June 20th…Thanks for the information I’m 4c as well Kinky Curly!! so far I ave been two strand twist!! I love being natural!!! I get weird looks but I don’t care I love me! and thats all that matters!

  3. Shornelle

    I’m almost just at a loss here. I’ve been natural for 10 years and I’m just learning this year that we have to care for our hair more than just “have” hair. It’s sad for me that I never knew this cause I think about where I could have been in those 10 years. I have to learn my hair is what I’m now learning. I don’t know my hair type because I have different textures and with that I feel that I don’t even know how to properly care for my hair. I feel like giving up!!! Perming is not an option anymore cause I hate it, but what do I do now?

  4. Miranda

    Tamara how do you use aloe vera on your hair? I read if you have low porosity aloe vera isn’t good because it closes the cuticles. When I try to moisturize my hair the only thing that softens it is water but somehow in the morning it dries out again although the sealant is still visible. Any tips or sites where you learned how to properly moisturize this type of hair?

  5. Lynette Boone

    Excellent website. I’ve been chemical free for at least 10 years t (maybe more) and I’ve always struggled with how to style my hair when I don’t blow it out. You answer a lot of my questions and give me great ideas. Thanks!

  6. Joy

    Thank you so much for the information you’ve provided on your website, it has truly given me a better understanding of my hair. I currently have a curl (wave noveau/leisure curl) and want to transition out of it but don’t want to cut all my hair off. Most of the styles and products recommended seem to be for women transitioning out of permed/relaxed hair, so I’m wondering if they will work for me. Naturally I have fine 3c, curly hair and I’m excited to try the bantu knot outs and twist outs as my transition styles, but again, because I have a curl that’s supposed to be kept moisturized, I’m not sure if those will work during my transition and I don’t want to rely on braids and/or heat styles (blow drying and/or flat ironing) and damage my hair. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the WEN line of products that’s supposed to work for all hair types, but my budget doesn’t allow for experimenting with expensive products such as that……any suggestions?

  7. Koko

    My hair is extremely thick. When wet the curl is like a jheri curl and spongy. When dry it’s like spirals…..most def in the middle and around the crown it like cotton. The texture is very soft. When I wear it in a Afro it looks like a huge ball of cotton or like a dry tight jheri curl. I still don’t know my hair type and Ive spend so much money on products that does nothing. What do you think?

  8. Lauren

    I am SO confused. By reading your article I can see that I have type 1 hair. It’s also very very fine. But according to this, fine hair has less protein which means that it’s not protien sensitive. But I know for a fact that I’m protien sensitive because I’ve had to cut off half my hair due to protien damage before. I’m so so confused about my hair type now. Please help me!!!

    1. Re

      Do what is right for your hair. If you know your hair is sensitive to protein, then use products with minimal protein levels.

  9. marlene

    hi, I have tight coils which stretches when wet and shrinks when dry. I am thinning in the hair lines, and recently noticed that the middle is shorter and more coarse, so I’m not sure of my type. my hair grows, but not very fast. at night I use oils in my hair (castor,olive &peppermint). and I use the ORS range of hair products (shampoo, conditioning deep & leave-in plus curl boost) the texture has gotten a bit easier to manage. I need help with hair lines and the middle.

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