5 Reasons To Date A Woman With Natural Hair

By: StrawberriCurls

img_36931. Gift giving is easy. We are pretty much easy to buy gifts for. Have you ever seen a chick with natural hair turn down some butter, oils, hair products, or any other styling tools? NO AND YOU’RE NOT GONNA SEE IT. We go BANANAS over new hair products so you don’t have to over think anything. Most of us LOVE earrings to accessorize our hair so that’s pretty easy too.

2. You can touch it. You can play in it and we won’t get mad! Unless of course we did a wash and go and the gel is still setting then you better not touch it because then you’re going to frizz up the style. That’s a fight buddy. But other than that, PLAY AWAY!

3. It’s all mine. You know it’s all real. Basically what you see is what you get. You’re not going to bust up in the house one day and catch us with ~snaps fingers~ that much hair and you just saw us with a 32 inch weave in our hair yesterday. I’m just saying.


4. We’re better than the garden variety female. We’re not your average african-american woman when it comes to hair and health. It has been my experience, even for me, that once you go natural, you start to consider other things in your life such as how your eating and exercising. Basically you start to reconsider all the other unhealthy stuff that you’re doing to your body and we go from ordinary to extraordinary.

5. Self-esteem and confidence is not an issue. We exude confidence like no one else. Let me tell you something, do you have any IDEA how much courage and it takes to cut ALL your hair off as a woman? NO YOU DON’T! We go in the mirror and shamelessly pick up the scissors, freeze for a moment after the first chop then say ” What the hell ever, its done now”. At that point we pick up some of our favorite pair of earrings and we rock that fade or TWA like its 40 inches of hair. BBBAABBYYYY HOW YOU DOING!

Look we basically dripping Swagger.

Any more reasons ladies?


16 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Date A Woman With Natural Hair

  1. All Natural Ren

    I love this Natural Hair world! So inspirational! I loved the “Bbbbaaaaabbyy” part! Thank you for being one of the women who makes the journey even more exciting! ❤

  2. Kim

    Love it!!!! And so true, u can touch it, what u see IS WHAT U GET and OH yes it aint easy being oh-natural-easy. IT IS A GREAT FEELING OF BEING FREE

  3. Sheena

    I am an enthusiast of using sunflower oil and olive oil. I use it all over my body before applying conditioner or lotion. It makes combing a lot easier and of course a turn on if a my man will touch my hair!

  4. wowwoman

    I can walk outside when it’s drizzling and not worry about getting my hair frizzy if it’s in a natural…it’s already frizzy…

  5. Nicole

    I love being natural. I feel beautiful because this is how my Heavely Father made me to be. My natural makes me embrace, how I feel for myself. I love me and how he made me as a African American with my kinky hair, my small eyes, my full lips and my high cheek bones. He made us perfect. I love all my kinky hair sisters. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.. Each one of us

  6. Laqueshia

    Not sure if I attribute it to going natural but I am more health conscious and I LOVE IT! It’s revealing purpose in my life.

  7. Nicole K.

    I love being 100% thankful for what God has blessed me with from head to toe. Plus, deciding to go natural has opened up the door to a whole other (healthy) lifestyle.

  8. Latonya G

    Love it! Especially #2 and #5. I remember when I did my big chop. I cut the front quarter section of hair and stopped, tried to hide it, which didn’t work out, and came back later and finished it off. After it was all said and done, you couldn’t tell me nothing! That was 5 1/2 months ago and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I wonder sometimes what took me so long lol.

  9. Carole Drummond-Johnson

    I absolutely love this article. This describes me to a T! I did the BC (big chop) almost eight years ago. I wear sister locks and LOVE IT! In fact, it’s the best hair decision I have ever made. It has led to a self awareness that I would have never conceived prior to. I truly love myself. At 42, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been.

  10. Osuntoyin

    Yes, Yes, and YES!!! I agree with you on becoming more health conscious. You promote the awakening all of your senses when you remove those chemicals from your scalp. Without going too deep… In its natural state you can pick up energy, messages, vitamins and nutrients, and all your senses are actually heightened in its natural state. YES, its that serious! Our NATURAL hair is actually spiritually and scientifically PERFECT! Meaning the spirals, and ability to absorb solar energy which our body uses as fuels and vitamins it real. We are so unique yet original its nothing but beautiful! Big ups to naturalist who KNOW why they are!


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