3 Ways to Tell the Good Information From The Bad

Can You Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Natural Hair Advice

Tips For Untangling The Web Of Natural Hair Information
Can You Tell The  Difference Between Good and Bad Natural Hair Advice

By: Lorece Shaw

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I’ve been natural for about 3 years now and it’s been the most amazing thing. At the time right before I went natural, I was experiencing a bout of depression. This led me to become complacent about my appearance. I’d really let myself go. But my natural hair journey encouraged me to take better care of my hair as a result I took better care of myself as a whole. I transitioned for about 6 months and then did a big chop.

I wasn’t afraid to have short hair, I’ve had it before and really liked it. I have never been afraid to experiment with different cuts and colors. But more than anything, I wanted to experience the complete process of growing out my natural hair. When I first started my natural journey, I followed a lot of blogs, Youtubers and etc.
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15 thoughts on “Can You Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Natural Hair Advice

  1. Robin Josey

    I have been saying these exact same things to friends and the group of naturals where I live. There’s a lot if hair envy out there that isn’t necessary. And you are so right about the entertainment factor.

  2. Nefeteria Aleem

    This was really helpful. Im newbat being natural and don’t really like my hair because i don’t k ow what to do with it. I’ve never been able to do my hair when it was permed but put it in a ponytail and now I try to watch you tube videos to learn how to do twist but it doesn’t work! I lose faith in my hair quickly I just don’t know what to do with it!

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Be patience with yourself. No one learned how to style and care for their hair overnight and I can truly attest to that. I didn’t know how to twist or braid natural hair until I went natural and I just had to teach myself.

    2. Shareta

      I can totally relate to hair frustration. I too could not find one stylist who was able to do my hair (haven’t been to a salon since prom, 20 years ago). I primarily had a relaxer because my hair was so hard to comb, and that was just me in a ponytail. The other half of the time, my hair was in braids. Imagine my surprise when I figurde out that I was just using the wrong products! My hair has been fighting to be natural for so long and I just ignored it. Now that I know what works for my natural hair, I love it. I haven’t tried any of the twists, braid outs, bantu knots, etc because I’m still transitioning. But even if those styles don’t work for me, the fact that I can comb my hair in its natural state is a win for me. My hair is as healthy as it was 30 years ago and I am retaining length. I’m amazed at how versatile my hair is. And I love looking at all the YouTube videos even if their hair is nothing like mine because at least I get to see a success story and that’s encouraging.

  3. Treating Tresses

    Thanks for this post! As a stylist, I agree with your hair truths. As women, our first steps to healthy hair is education. We must find out what works for our hair and not follow trends.

  4. Laceycurls

    I also have Seborrheic dermatitis and can not co-wash but I have switched to non sulfate shampoo but I wash my hair often and sometimes I have to use sulfates because my scalp will go crazy even sometimes my scalp is as red as a beet with silvery scales that is stuck to my head if I don’t wash often. it’s always worst around the hairline for me. In the summer I wash my hair almost every day but in the winter I can stretch it to every 3 days at the most. My hair grows it feels soft but I do what I have to for my hair. I envy women who can shampoo every 2 weeks or once every month. Like you said every head of hair is different let your hair and scalp be a guide. I attached my youtube channel so you can see my hair.

  5. audra

    I just did the big chop and it looks pretty nice but, the only thing i have really tight curls, it curls like little knots. What kind of product can make it more loose

  6. Lunye'

    I agree 100%. It is fun to see what others are doing, but I stick with what works for me. I check out product reviews but most time do not run out and buy what I see. I know this is trial and error. I started my Healthy Hair Journey 10 months ago and the I was one of the lucky ones, I found things that work for my hair early on. I have change a few things and have incorporated some Ayurvedic powders in my regimine but it is basically the same as when I started. Thanks for all the wonderful information you provide.

  7. Daphne

    Thank you for this article!! I see so many posts where people advise not to use certain products because it didn’t work for their hair! This journey is trial and error!

  8. NichofTAIme

    I love this post! When I decided to return my hair to its natural state, I started by using the same/similar products my mom used when I was a kid. I even used the same hair regimen. My hair was down my back as a little girl, so the products/regimen must have not been all that bad. I BC’d last year, after transitioning for 10 months. The growth I have is amazing and I did it without trying every product that as suggested by YT gurus. However, it is always awesome to relate to those ladies on their hair journeys!

  9. Shareta

    I saw a lot of posts on Facebook about Monistat and I couldn’t believe that so many people were using that for their hair. I mean am I crazy because it would seem to me that something made to kill the fungal mess that has because of your nether regions was not meant to be used anywhere else. Then I saw some people saying that once you start, you can’t stop. Now what sense does that make! To clear up an infection, you stop after 7 days but you will put it on your hair forever. So thanks for telling people to stay away from it, I agree that it is not that serious.

    On another note, I wouldn’t say I became a product junkie but I did go overboard with all the oils because my hair was so dry, I was willing to try EVERYTHING. By the time I found the right moisturizer, I had way more oil than one person needs. Coconut oil is my favorite so once the others are gone, I am sticking to that one (no need to throw good money away if they aren’t harming my hair). I do want to try Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges but I’m in no rush..

  10. syndi

    I’ve decided to back to basic. I have natural hair for three years. Haven’t had alot of growth so I’m trying protective styles for the next six months. Wish me luck. Some yt people suggest products but I never see the products in their hair.

  11. Tracy

    People used to laugh at me when I said I only watch naturals on YT whose hair deflates when they wash it. Have you seen some of these naturals with these thick, lush manes that even when it is full of water, it is still in a fro? Well my hair does not do that. I have fine hair and have a problem getting volume. While nothing has helped in the volume department, I simply admire the styles, techniques, and personalities of my thick-haired natural sisters, but I tend to try, at least once, what my finer-haired natural sisters do and even then, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


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