When My Hair’s Acting The Fool


Last night I had a moment where it just seemed like my hair would not act right. I was trying to do the hairstyle pictured. I really didn’t know where to start. At the time I only had a front view. ¬†Eclake6 on Instagram kindly posted the picture above after I started styling my hair.

But it was already too late. I went in without knowing what I was doing. And I couldn’t get the parts straight. My twist were too big. I started and then I take it down. And started again. A hour style turned into 2 and half. I was simply frustrated. But I was determined to finish.

The funny thing is this is also how I approach life. Sometimes I may have to take a breather. After that exhale moment and some last longer than others my determination kicks in.

I believe simple moments like this can reveal a lot about ones character.

What do you do when you’re completely and utterly frustrated with your hair?


6 thoughts on “When My Hair’s Acting The Fool

  1. MsAdena

    Fluff it out and rock a fro with a cute head band and call it day. I usually like all the attention my big fro brings anyway so its a win win.


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