How To Protective Style with a TWA

How Do I Protective Style With a TWA?

Finger Coils | Short Natural Hairstyles

Finger Coils or Single Strand Twist

Many ladies feel liberated by the freedom that comes with a Teeny Weeny Afro but also limited in styling options.  Which I can understand. I only transitioned for 5 months before doing a big chop.  I only transitioned for only 5 months before doing a big chop. Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean your can’t experiment with different natural hairstyles or protective styles. I think this is the perfect time to experiment with twists, coils, and braids.  It takes little or no time at all to style your whole head.

For the tinyest TWA start with finger coils also known as single strand twists or comb coils. This was one of my favorite TWA styles. I would stay twisting and retwisting my hair in class, at work, and in church. I had major hand in head syndrome.

There are quite a few protective or alternative styles to rock with a TWA, check them out :

1. Weaves and wigs : this is a great way to protect your hair and for those that really feel they need it, gain some length while keeping it fly. There are a number of weave styles to choose from, it’s up to you to pick the one you like. Wigs are another alternative if your hair is too short to wear weaves. Wigs are only protective styles if you are taking care of your hair underneath and nurturing it to grow as it should. * Read How To Protect Your Natural Hair With a Wig
2. Extensions : You can braid/twist your hair with extensions and achieve numerous looks. You can try kinky twists, Marley Twists, Havana Twists, yarn braids, Senegalese braids and the list goes on and on. These styles protect the hair and keep you from getting bored, if that’s an issue. *

Read: Tips for Protective Styling with Weave

Now for natural divas that only want to wear their hair and rock the length as it is, you can try these great styles :


3. Two strand twists : depending on how short your hair is, you can rock two strand twists, given your hair is long enough to twist that is. This is very an effective protective style as well as a great way to change your look.  Twist outs are usually the end product of two strand twists and they are a great way to rock your hair when you get tired of the twists or before you wash your hair. *

Twist Out

Twist Out on TWA

4. Flat twists/braids : are a nice way to hide the real length of your hair if you tuck in your ends that is. There are a number of different styles to play with and you can also get creative with it! * More Flat Twist Styles

Below is a perfect example of braids on a short afro.  I would wear the braids for a couple days and undo the back for a braid out.

Braid Out

5. Straw or Roller Set with Perm rods:  This is a great way to set your hair for cute and uniform curls. See Our Flexi Rods Tutorial

More Pictures??? See My Natural Hair Journey

* Courtesy of Funbi

What is Your Favorite Style for Short Hair? Comment Below


4 thoughts on “How To Protective Style with a TWA

  1. Helen Cain

    It took me about 20 years of self hair abise with chemicals and track to realize natural was what my hair need to grow and be healthy. So for the last 2and a half years my.very talented hairdresser is braiding my soft curly locks with added hair and a good healthy dye and only WEN products and Dr. Mirical braid spray.My results are incredible my hair is growing and looks and feels much more healthier. I only wish i would have done this earlier.


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