Hair Growth VS Breakage

Do I have a slow hair growth rate or is it breakage?


Are you convinced that your hair isn’t growing.

No need to fret because the truth and a scientific fact. Your hair is growing.  And after you leave this world your hair will continue to grow as your body decays. Sorry to be so graphic.  But I just need you to understand that your hair is growing each and every day.

The average rate of hair growth is about  1/4 to 1/2 inch a month.  That’s about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year (half a foot).

Why Aren’t We Seeing Any of This Growth?


Decreased Hair Growth Rate: There could be a few reasons why you are experiencing a decreased hair growth cycle due to health, medication, hormones, stress and etc.  These are also common causes of hair loss in women. If you suffer from hair loss read Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss.

Breakage: Your hair is breaking at the same rate that its growing as a result you’re not retaining length. This is the most common reason that hair doesn’t seem to be growing. Its an illusion.  Once you figure out what your hair regimen needs for length retention you will be that much closer to your “Long Hair Don’t Care” goals.  We will talk more about ways to prevent breakage later. Stay Tuned

Some other reasons for not seeing noteworthy hair growth are shrinkage and lack of patience.

My Growth and Breakage

Between 2009-2010 my hair did not grow I didn’t have any noticeable hair growth.  Matter of fact my hair looked a little bit shorter than the year before.  See picture below.  Just in case you’re new and want to know what my hair looks like now.

My Hair Stop Growing

October 2011A Year Later

October 2011
A Year Later

I won’t bore you with that story again. But you can read it here: Growing Long Hair Challenge.  It was easy for me to identify the thief (the cause of my hair breakage) but for others its not so easy.   There could be a long list of hair breaking factors some caused by you yourself or physical and external hair saboteurs.  Once you identify what’s breaking your hair you will see growth.

I will identify tips for retaining length, building a healthy regimen, preventing breakage and much more. Stay tuned to http://www.naturalhairrules and subscribe.

In the meantime here are a few post that will help:

Building A Moisturizing Regimen
Preventing Split Ends
My Natural Hair Regimen
Natural Hair Styles

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4 thoughts on “Hair Growth VS Breakage

  1. hadia

    Wow girl, 2011 your hair was the bomb. It looks so healthy and full. Patients and great work pays of. Also, yes protective styling is important in order to retain your length and avoid touching your hair too much.

  2. Ankita Singh

    Hey you have got beautiful hair. I have a problem that I have lot of breakage hair on my scalp. Although my hair llength is more than my waist but whenever I back comb my hair it looks very ugly on my upper part, so I have to choose always side hairstyles in which i do partitions. Please help.

  3. maryjane

    i have short natural hair but i dont know how to grow it.anytime i comb it i experience breakage.what do i do


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