Shampooing And Conditioning Locs

Dr. Kari Williams Loc Care and Maintenance: The Best Way to Cleanse and Condition Locs

By: Dr. Kari Williams

Locs are an accumulation of hair strands that would have shed from the scalp, but because they have nowhere to go, they create a dense round strand. Due to the density of the locs, they have a tendency to hold onto a lot of smells, debris and dirt. As a result, incorporating a clarifying shampoo into a loc care routine is imperative.
Clarifying shampoos have to be used on a regular basis. Clarifying shampoos gently remove dirt from the hair and scalp keeping your hair thoroughly clean. Shampoo locs at least every 2 weeks. I recommend once a week based on level of activity and products used. If you have an active lifestyle in which you sweat a lot or you are using a lot of product in your hair on a daily basis, then shampooing the locs once a week will remove dirt, build up and smells from the hair. Ultimately helping you to prevent any form of scalp dermatitis or fungus in the hair.


Clarifying shampoos are typically clear. A clarifying shampoo that is good for locs and has been around for years is Lemon Fluff. Now I don’t know if its sold in every state, but just in case Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo is also a good cleansing shampoo.

When starting locs it is important to avoid conditioners and shampoos that soften the hair too much. The hair needs to mat, solidify and form into the lock; soft locks won’t take shape. But mature locs need moisture to prevent dryness.

Women with locs have to be more diligent with lubricating their hair because the ends of the locs are the oldest parts of the hair and includes strands that are no longer connected to the scalp. Without regular lubrication, the ends of the locs can become excessively dry and begin to break off.

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2 thoughts on “Shampooing And Conditioning Locs

  1. Hair Therapy Inc.

    Another good tip about shampooing locs is to dilute the shampoo so it doesn’t leave buildup. 4parts water to 1part shampoo. This way the loc does not become heavy with residues. ~Hair Therapy Inc.


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