Resolving For Longer Hair

Corienne Bailey Rae


A couple of years ago I resolved on New Years to grow longer natural hair.  In making this New Years Resolution I realized I needed to make some changes. I had to  change my habits and implement things that would help me achieve my hair goals.  My regimen had to be different. Because what I was doing before wasn’t working. Every day I did something to ensure that I saw progress and ultimately meet my goals. This involved simple but still lifestyle changes.

It is for this reason when people say its just hair I have to politely disagree.  Growing long healthy hair regardless of relaxed or natural is a lifestyle change.


A few months after making this decision I found out I was pregnant.  My lifestyle had changed and with it; my hair.  You will read Pregnancy and other Hormone changes can alter your hair texture and growth cycle.

Understand that if your goal is to grow long and healthy hair relaxed or natural you must take care of your body from the inside out.  Drink water. Exercise which promotes increased blood circulation & stimulates hair growth.   Reduce your stress.



4 Hair Care Tips for Growing Long Hair

What Steps Are You Taking to Grow Long Healthy Hair?



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