“Why It Takes You Hours to Detangle Your Hair”

Latoya Watson“Why It Takes You Hours to Detangle Your Hair”
by Latoya of Busy Life. Fab Hair.

In September, I set a record. It took a whopping three days to detangle my hair. A styling assistant washed my hair in a circular motion, which caused numerous tangles. Then, he proceeded to brush my hair from the root and in a rough manner. (And continued to do so after I expressed concern.) To top it off, the stylist put my dry, matted hair into flat twists. It took three days to remove deadlocks and shed hairs wrapped around my strands. Some of it was detangled. Some of it was cut.  For the last few months, I  have continued to cut shredded ends.

[ad#banner]This is a tale of caution. Extreme example? Maybe. But does it provide some valuable lessons? Yes. If it is taking you hours to detangle your hair, it is likely because your techniques are causing excessive tangling. So if you are wondering why it is taking you so long to detangle your hair, here’s why:


12 thoughts on ““Why It Takes You Hours to Detangle Your Hair”

  1. TWAgirl4now

    Most stylist don’t know a THING about natural hair or they know very little and charge soooooooooooooo much to do natural hair. I wondered WHY they charged me sooooooooooooo much, I wasn’t getting a relaxer! Be VERY DIRECT in a nice way and ASK THEM to style it EXACTLY the way YOU want not the way they think it should be and bring your own shampoos and conditioners! I’ve been doing it myself lately viewing youtube and other natural true blogs for tips and styles. Happy detangling! ❤

    1. Shanda

      I have the same problem. Most naturals seem to be able to twist and remove the twists with no problem. Almost every time I remove twists (small, med, or big ones) my hair seems to have “fused” together. I’m currently looking for someone experiencing the same issue.

      1. Natalie

        My hair fuses together in twins too, but I’m transitioning. Been about a year now. I only twist the first inch or two of my hair while detangling and leave the remainder loose to keep it separated from the other hair but when I’m done, I put those bad boys into jumbo braids (about 4) because that is the only way that is the only way my hair doesn’t fuse together.

  2. rayla

    I have used the combination of avocado, banana, olive oil, and honey as a conditioner. This has helped me a lot. It was very easy to detangle my hair, which was not the case.

  3. ShivaD

    Omg girl that same exact thing happened to me!!! I have sworn off hairstylists for now as a result. I could feel the shampoo chick creating a birds nest in my hair. The stylist had the nerve to say it wasn’t bad as I felt her ripping through my hair from root to tip with the comb. No bueno 😦 I definitely had to incorporate a keep-it-stretched routine. I keep it clipped during the entire wash, condish, and dry process with one at the root, one in middle, and one at the end. I scoffed at the natural know it alls and started using low heat blowdrying, flat ironing, and seamless combs.. Also invested in curlformers (LOVE). My main issue to combat is laziness so that my strands don’t tangle and shrink when I take weeks to redo it. I invested in some cute wigs for my lazy periods so I can put it in braids but still look good. I also decided even if I can’t fully do it I will do a lazy detangle and stretch style like twists that I roll up at the ends. Basically anything to keep it from fully reverting. Sorry but extra nappy tangled hair is not the bizness. We are known for our styling and versatility even since ancient times. To me having a tangled knot on your head doesn’t translate into pride. I mean how many of you are walking around with hairy smelly pits the way God made you? I only say that because I’m tired of ppl acting like you have to have a knotted shrunken birds nest to show how proud you are of your natural texture.


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