Getting Ready for 2013

The last couple of years I have used this time to develop a plan of action for the New Year. I outline my goals and steps to achieve those goals.  I wanted to share some the things that have really helped me.  This is top secret stuff. The secret to my success whether its achieve personal, hair or business goals.


The first thing…

Turn your to-do list to a prayer list…

Honestly, I could stop there but as humans we are so much more complexed than that. I believe it is equally important to have tangible and applicable tools and resources.

From my experience outlining a plan of action can be extremely overwhelming and downright depressing sometimes. But if you take the pressure and focus off of yourself the weight of your goals becomes a lot lighter.

I understand that everyone is not a Christian but mediating on this particular scripture has helped me so much…

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established.

Visualize Your Goals

Most people don’t know what their goals will look like and that’s ok. But to help your imagination, find images that you like and paste them on a board. Make a collage or vision board.  Here’s a example of vision board courtesy of Black Girl Next Door.

I usually include things that make me happy like pictures of my family, my pets and my favorite things. In the midst of all of that I have images that encourage me. Its almost like a visual guide of what I’m working for and towards. Use pictures of visually inspiring things to keep you focused on your goals.



The real secret to success is understanding that you will not accomplish all of your goals within a set amount of time. For years I would get very sad around my birthday and the end of the year. That was until it hit me as long as I’m still alive I have time to accomplish my goals. Everything can’t and will not be done in a 365 day time frame.  It’s just unrealistic. Life happens and your priority must shift to accommodate its beautiful surprises.  My most recent one was my son.

Get To Work

Put some action behind the wishing and hoping.  Everyday make a step towards your goals. If you fall off one day just get back on it the next day.




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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for 2013

  1. Tai @ StrandedHHJ

    Thank you for sharing this. Number 1 is definitely resonating with me! Instead of leaning on myself, I share my desires with Him and rely on His strength. No way I could accomplish anything without Him!


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