Top Natural Hairstyles 2012

Here are a few of my favorite hairstyle from the year.  My hair is very long and thick. Its easy to get in a styling rut especially after having a baby. So I did a lot of experimenting.  I’m in the process of editing video tutorials for most of these styles.  In the meantime subscribe to Natural Hair Rules YouTube Channel for updates.

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2 thoughts on “Top Natural Hairstyles 2012

  1. serah shekwonya tukurah

    i am an african woman, my hair texture is almost like yours but yours is a bit curly, my hair is natural no relaxer in it, i braid almost every time. but this time i want to grow my hair, but my hair keeps breaking each time i comb my hair ,the breakage is outrageous, and my scalp itches with dandruff,i’ve tried series of anti-dandruff but the scalp still itch. i carry braids for as long as two months, and i really want to stop my hair from breakage what do i do?


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