My Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Good food and time with family. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Conair Upzing Hair Clip with Two Jumbo Flat Twist

My Hair

I have been experimenting with quick protective styles and accessorizing with the Conair Upzing Hair Clip.  The clip adds a little bit of fabulousness  to simple pin out styles like my jumbo twist.



Last year, Prince was two weeks. Its amazing the big work God does in a year. I took this opportunity to do a craft with him. I saw some cute stuff on Pinterest.  I figured some kind of hand or foot turkey was appropriate to commemorate the holiday and my littles tiny hands and feet.  I saw our finger painting and foot painting session being so much easier in my head. lol. But of course with a 12 month old paint was everywhere.  After about 3-4 tries we finally got it right. See below.


I love food don’t you?  We were with friends this year and decided against a traditional Thanksgiving feast. That was cool with me. As long as there’s good food I’m not complaining.  On the menu we had fried & baked ribs, baked salmon, roast carrots & turnips, asparagus, mac n cheese, kale and other goodies.  I had a little bit of everything.

How was your Thanksgiving? Anything interesting happen?



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