My Son Is One

My son is turning one

My Son is One | Natural Hair Rules!!!

What you have to know about me is I’m anti-party and semi anti any & all festivities. So birthday parties… no thank you. Christmas, cool I’ll celebrate baby Jesus but I don’t need a tree to do so.  I’m not what you may consider a girlie girl who plans parties and puts together decor.  Thank goodness for my domesticated husband.

He does all our holiday decorating and partying planning along with my rockstar friends.  Gotta love them. My son’s birthday was no different. I know its sad. “You didn’t plan your son’s birthday”  I started when he was 6 months but my husband wasn’t ready to think about his baby turning one. I wasn’t either but we had to start the planning process.

I wanted to do a themed party something like “Prince of the Jungle” since I call him Prince or “Mini Mogul” because he’s a mogul in training. Spouse wasn’t feeling the whole baby tuxedo thing though. He felt it was a little premature. Let’s wait until his 2nd birthday party when he’s walking, he said.

Well we decide to have it at Little Gym today. And I love it. Everyone eat well and played. We had Sprinkles Red Velvet and Salted Carmel Cupcakes. Yum! And Raising Canes.

Now that we celebrated his birthday I’m planning a day of pamper for myself with a massage and hair appointment. Stay tuned…



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