Pregnant and Frustrated


This time last year I was pregnant with my Prince and oh was I frustrated.  He was almost two weeks post due date.  I was anxious for my labor to start spontaneously. I hated the thought of induction. And if labor didn’t start naturally that was the path we would have to take. You can read my induction story.

I was doing everything I could. I was trying to walk and roll the baby out. One to two walks around the neighborhood and rolling on a fitness ball each day for weeks.  I ate pineapples and did the grown up but nothing. Nothing was working. I was exhausted. But I still tried to remain calm.  My membrane had be stripped twice. I had lost my mucous plug almost two week earlier. I was 3 cm dilute but still no contractions what so ever.

It was also my birthday weekend. I wanted nothing more than to see my Prince’s sweet face.  This weekend we are celebrating his 1st birthday. I can hardly believe a whole year has past.

Do you remember what you were doing this time last year?


One thought on “Pregnant and Frustrated

  1. kate karuri

    this time last year is when? today or the day you posted this?
    well… this time last year i was v v comfortable at home with absolutely nothing to do. i had taken a long break from college and was having a restful time :-))


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