My Take on Black Girls Rock


Black Girls Rock’12 aired on Sunday while I was on the road after Shop the Aisle Blogger Style Dallas. Thank goodness for DVR. I would have missed out on this year’s inspirational tribute to Black Girls who Rock in the arts and philanthropy.

The most memorable moment from most of the online recaps is  of our Covergirl Janelle Monae‘s speech and rightly so.  I love her quote “perfection is the enemy of greatness”. How powerful is that?  Monae and I are like minds.  I also believe that by being ourselves we encourage others to be who they are naturally. Janelle Monae didn’t have to change her image or put on a different “uniform” to be a Covergirl. And why should we?


So many great moments in this year’s award show.  But my favorite was the tribute to Susan Taylor. Journalist Susan Taylor received the Inspiration Award.  I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Taylor.  She is just as inspiring in person.  I was so touched by her presence. She is genuine and owns all that she is.

Susan Taylor and Natural Hair Rules 2008

What was your favorite moment of Black Girls Rock?


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