Mid Twenties Crisis


Its November again. My birthday is right around the corner. What up Scorpios?! And every year I beat myself up emotionally about what I haven’t accomplished.  Which I know is horrible. But my life has been disrespecting my plans. Just plain being difficult. I have no choice but to let it ride.

The main thing that weighs down on me is school. I planned to be finish with my degree by age 22, climbing the corporate ladder; well on my way to world domination. But I have not done the first thing on the list.  I have been trying to finish my degree for a while now but every semester brought a different challenge from lack of transportation, finances, time or just resources in general.


Having my own business has really worked in my favor when it comes to staying gainfully working.  But now I have my son and my degree is more important than ever. I’m the first person in my family to pursue a degree although both my younger sister and brother as in school now. But I can still show my son  that hard work and determination pay off.  I need to be a life example of that.

Anyway, I will be turning 28… OMG I feel so old. Ok not old but unsuccessful might be a better word. I don’t know. I have done more without a degree than people I know with Ph.D. But this is a hurdle I have been trying to overcome for years. It feels hopeless at times… Ever feel like that?

It seems so small in the scheme of things especially when I think of my many blesses. I have wonderful friends and family, a roof over my head and food to eat. But I guess this comes at the perfect time with Thanksgiving this month.

What are grateful for?

7 thoughts on “Mid Twenties Crisis

  1. Stephanie

    I feel the same way. I had planned to finish my degree at age 23 and have my children by age 25. Well I am now 27, still in school and no kids… I know how depressing it is… But things happen for a reason
    I know that you will get through it and get that degree not only for your son but for yourself as well

  2. womenar4

    I had no clue you were younger than me. I thought we were the same age. Anyway, everyone feels that way around their birthday. Most won’t admit it. I know I feel like blah until my birthday. Then I celebrate all July long, LOL. That feeling will pass but don’t let it get you down.

  3. Nicole

    I feel the same way, I’m approaching 28 and just finished school. I had all these plans set in motion as to what I was going to accomplish but as you said life gets in the stay. Just stay focused and it’ll all work out.

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      You too ma’am. It really not about our plans. And regardless of what we think its always in the right timing.

  4. TiffNic

    We Scorpios tend to be out own worst enemy when it comes to measuring success. I can relate–I had this perfect “life plan” that had me married and done with college by 22, two kids by 26, and as a successful opera singer. I am turning 31 next week, married with only one child, and I am a teacher (with 2 advanced degrees). I beat myself up for deviating, but I eventually realized that God knew what he was doing. Don’t be too harsh on yourself–as long as you still have the drive and desire to succeed, your son will look up to you for chasing your dreams. 🙂

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you so much for that. And Happy Early birthday. It was so great to meet you last Saturday. I really appreciate the kind words and same to you.


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