Choosing the right natural hair products

A few years back I did a survey on natural hair the challenges of being natural.  The one thing that was a reoccurring theme is finding the right products.  At Shop the Aisle Blogger Style you have the opportunity for top natural hair bloggers around the country to answer your hair questions and share their natural hair journey.  This weekend I will host Shop the Aisle Houston and Dallas.


Here are so tips for choosing the right product for your hair type.
Transitioning to natural hair can be costly if you buy every product on the market. But it is in fact important to experiment with different product.  But equally important to understand your natural hair and its basic needs.

This post will discuss the product basics.  What you need to know in selecting natural hair products.

Kinds of Products

Natural hair tends to be a dry texture.  All the products in your natural hair regimen should have ingredients that add or help to retain moisture. (Here are some tips to build a moisturizing hair regimen.) The most effective moisturize is water.  All your hair products should be water based.  Shy away from products that mineral oil or petroleum based.  These ingredients prevent the hair and scalp from absorbing much need moisture from water.

Product Types

To build a basic hair regimen, you will need a sulfate-free cleanse, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, weekly deep conditioner, natural oil and moisturizer.  A styling product is not a necessity but it is a great asset to any hair regimen.


Styling tools 

A curl defining brush and/or wide tooth comb are used for detangling natural hair. Rat tail combs are great to parting and sectioning natural hair.


Accessories are a most with natural hair to create variety in your looks. Start with the basics: hair pins and/or bobby pins of various size work for any length of hair.  Elastic head bands can create different hair styles like pony tails/afro puffs or bun.  Fashion accessories are just fun. I love the faux flowers.


What would you add to the list? Comment below


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