3 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Longer

My Hair’s Not Growing

My Hair’s Not Growing.

Women tell me this all the time. And the truth is that that can not be any futher from the truth.

The truth about natural hair growth is:

hair grows about half a millimeter each day, about one-half inch every month or approximately six inches (15 cm) in one year.

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If you are not noticing growth its usually for 3 reasons.

Lack of Patience

Like previously stated your hair IS growing.  You just can’t tell because you’re looking at it every day.  To prove it to yourself keep a hair journal.  Check out my natural hair journey.


Shrinkage is simply one of the quirks of curly hair.  Your curls naturally draw up as they dry.  Shrinkage is also a sign of good healthy.  Hair that shrinks or curls when dry has good elasticity.


Your hair is damaged and is not retaining length due to split ends.  The best way to prevent damage ends is by protective styling and getting a proper trim regularly. Or your hair is breaking at the same rate that its growing. Breakage vs Hair Growth affects most African American women.


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Which of these best describes you? Comment Below


15 thoughts on “My Hair’s Not Growing

  1. Lisa

    I’m transitioning and my hair is rapidly breaking and I’m planning on just cutting it all of unless anyone has anything to help me with

  2. Renee

    I have issues with my hair being dry and breaking too. I’ve grown to love Olive Oil. I put it in mostly everything I use that does’nt contain it. I need extra moisture for my combo hair type. I comb my hair from ends to roots while wet or oiled. I have noticed a difference.

  3. Angela

    Definitely looking at my hair everyday is an issue for me! I know it’s growing but I just want it to grow faster! 🙂

  4. carolyn

    What ever happen to brushing, 100 strokes
    It works. Regular brushing stimulates growth and take care of split ends too

  5. Ngozi

    Last year, I was so frustrated with my hair. So I started putting it in protective styles using extensions (ex: crochet braids done myself to avoid breakage on my edges). When I switch styles, I’ve noticed growth. Honestly, I like the long hair and the shrinkage is messing with my state of mind…lol

  6. karib574kari

    No, my hair truly is not growing. I color my hair and it has been two months now. Normally by now I would see a line from where my natural color was growing out and my roots were darker. But there is no discernible grow-out.

  7. Rpglovertash

    I been doing my own version of the Bantu knots but instead of, pulling the hair tight at the root, I leave a inch of loose hair so it’s not tight and I just wrap the ends of my hair around each other. It protects the ends of my curls from tangling with each other and it makes a cute style as well. I can leave the hair in Bantu knots, of just loosen the ends of the hair to create cute curls. I ended up taking out the Bantu knots each week so I can properly moisturize and detangle the ends of my hair with my homemade conditioning mist, than I ended up wrapping my hair ends again. I been doing this protective styling for a couple of weeks and I love it, some my hair was always so thick, it was hard to find a style that wouldn’t tangle on me, but this style works and it makes it easier for me to detangle since, I can detangle tiny parts of my hair at a time. I been moisturizing my hair once or twice daily depending on the dryness of my hair and I found that daily moisture has allowed my hair to be easily managed.


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