Just Vote


 I have had my fun with “Get The Transcription” and “Binder Full of Women” highlights from the second debate. It was very entertaining.  I really enjoyed it. But all jokes a side. Democrat or Republican neither candidate has a magic ward that will solve all of our nation’s problems. Many of these issues have been years and decades in the making.

A country that is run by the people can only work for the people if the people that it serves puts their power into action. How do we do that? By voting… There are other races outside of the Presidential race that directly affect you as a citizen.  Your city and state government has say as to how and if national government bills are passed.  Make sure you are putting people in office that have your best interest in mind.  Vote for individuals who understand the hardships of this present time.

I know its played out. But Rock The Vote. Be Present and Active by showing up to the polls.  More than half of the states will begin Early Voting next week. My whole family will be there even through the kid can’t vote yet.  My ancestors fought too hard for suffrage for me not to pay homage.    Election Day is Nov. 6th.

Join me at the Polls

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