[Natural Hair Styles] Still Protective Styling


I’m protective styling with various natural hair styles because my son is trying to pull my hair out….

I think protective styling is simply styling your hair in a way that you are protecting your ends for external factors that may cause damage.  Since having my son 10 months ago that external factor is affectionately called Prince.  He loves nothing more than to grab a tiny handful of my curls and tug. Ouch!!! To spare my natural hair and myself the pain I have been protective styling for what seems like a year plus.  At first I found myself extremely bored with my protective styles.  They just lacked cuteness or versatility.  Recently, I have been experimenting with blow out and two strand twist updos.  I am working on video tutorial on these styles.  Please be patient but in the meantime subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thanks.
Here are a few examples of my favorite protective natural hair styles. Some which I can duplicate others I can not. Sorry…
Natural Hair Style Inspired By Fusions of Culture
Different Variation of Fusion of Culture Updo
Simple Braided Bun with Jumbo Twist

Youtube Video Coming Soon For This One


Jumbo Twist with Donut Bun

Why and How Do You Protective Style Your Natural Hair?

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7 thoughts on “[Natural Hair Styles] Still Protective Styling

  1. Crystal

    I protective style because I have a habit (bad habit) of touching my hair because I love it, even when not in it’s greatest “mood”. So I use buns & braids in my hair.

  2. Katherine G

    I mainly keep my hair in protective styles because I really don’t like messing with it too much. If I wear my hair down I am always afraid it will mess up so I just keep it braided or twisted.

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Hey Angel,

      They are currently in process as mentioned in the post. Keep checking back though. They’re coming soon.


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