Lifetime’s Remake of Steel Magnolias

Honestly, this was a hard movie to watch at first.  The characters were played so well by the the original cast. It was a little difficult to see Queen Latifah as M’ Lynn, originally played by Sally Fields, the strong family matriarch.  This could also be because Queen Latifah stepped outside her box to embody the role of a mother of a head strong chronically ill adult daughter.

Nonetheless, I am a huge fan of the original cast and screenplay.  The remake was VERY true to the original screenplay with the exception of a couple up to date references or scenarios such as a “Beyonce” comment and the use of a blinged out iPhone.

I appreciated the fact that this movie wasn’t a black “Steel Magnolias” or a black adaptation of the film but a remake of the film with an all black cast.  The cast was the difference not the storyline.  The executive producers were very intentional about maintaining the integrity of the first film and the play.  There was no need to rewrite the script with black references, jokes and seemingly scenarios.


I was very impressed by Queen Latifah as the leading actress and executive producer.  In watching her play the mother of Shelby, Condola Rashad’s character, I completely forgot about Sally Fields.  Queen Laitfah became M’Lynn, a black mother that I could now relate to.

I know there are some mixed feelings in the Twittersphere about last night’s premier.  But here’s my thoughts.  This film was an great opportunity to see some of Hollywood’s most talented and unappreciated actresses shine.  It also served as a vehicle for Queen Latifah to again break new ground with her heart ratchet performance and excel as an executive producer.

Maybe this is exactly what we need to open doors for future opportunities of a preimer time film with an all black cast and producers.  Watch out Tyler Perry!!!

What Other Films Would You Like to See Remade With an All Black Cast?

Comment Below with Your Thoughts about the Film



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