Natural Hair Rules at Blogalicious

Blogalicious12 was held at Red Rock Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.  It was AHmazing!!! My trip had some real highs and lows but overall it was fantastic.

 The hotel was like its own city with a pool, casino, spa, food court, night clubs, bowling alley, movie theater and more.  I was so happy to connect with some bloggers that I have long admired.  The energy and sense of family was and still is indescribable   I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to leave my baby. This was my first time away from Prince who is now 10 months.  I was concerned about my milk supply as a nursing mother.  Fortunately, I had a nice stash in the freezer.  It was also the same weekend as my 7th wedding anniversary.  But spouse really encouraged me to go.  S/O to my baby daddy and baby who held it down while I was away.


Although, my trip was fun and educational it was stressful.  Somehow the screen on my new MacBook Pro was cracked. The tech at the Genius Bar thinks someone tried to take the case off and steal it but in the process damaged the screen. I think I cried after seeing it. I Literally, just opened my computer and saw the damage.


I was trying to fly home on stand by and it wasn’t working.  Flights had mechanical issues. They were cancelled and over sold.  POTUS flew in and that shut everything down.  One thing after another. Luckily, my Blogalicious family was looking out for me. I had somewhere to shower and sleep the extra day I was there. Thank you Nae of I Choose The Sun and Taya of Mrs. TDJ.

I learned a valuable lesson in travel.  Keep everything you need in your carry on.  My manual breast pump were such a life saver.

Check out More Pictures From My Trip on Instagram

@tamarafloyd & @naturalhairrule


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