Solange Speaks Out About Natural Hair Slam & Leaving Carol’s Daughter

At first when I saw Solange in my timeline discussing hair and fashion I thought “AGAIN”? But this time it seems she addresses her natural hair rant in response to the natural hair nazi and why she is no longer the face of Carol’s Daughter Transition Movement.  Originally, she says “I never painted myself as a team natural vice president…”.     She admits to not knowing anything about hair typing and styling of natural hair. This of course was odd because she was the face of what is considered a major natural hair care line.


Now they have parted ways.   She tells Lurve Magazine she is no longer working with Carol’s Daughter, and it’s because they couldn’t see eye-to-eye on messaging: “I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard. The message that the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way.”

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Why Do You Think Solange and Carol’s Daughter REALLY Parted Ways?


10 thoughts on “Solange Speaks Out About Natural Hair Slam & Leaving Carol’s Daughter

  1. Erin Renee Dionne Fowler

    Everyone has their own ideas of what’s right and wrong for natural hair.. though some things are just common sense , some things that might work for me might not work for someone else

  2. Regina s

    I don’t why people are so worried about someone business. She promoted the product deal over moved on. I am just sick of natural hair what’s the big deal? Bigger things in life are important than what’s your texture and don’t relax it. Please

  3. Ashley

    First off I love me some Solo and her breakout from her sister’s shadow. However, I think her hair change was more for publicity. Something to make her standout. NOT a lifestyle. She really wasn’t into the hair movement (which really showed) and that is why I think her and CD parted ways.

  4. msrolanda4

    I am glad she is no longer a spokes model for them, a lot of product companies are about you using their whole line of products and Solange appears to have a minimalist type of routine and has the commonsense to know to each her own when it comes to hair vs. Carol’s Daughter says use product XYZ to achieve this look and blah, blah, blah. (and I’m not hating on Carol’s Daughter I do like some of their products).

    1. Hair From Afghanistan

      When a company pays your millions of dollars to represent them, you’de better where what they say. Why would anyone say represent me, what you can wear the compeditors as well.

      I agree with Ashley. She wasnt’ really into the life change needed for natural hair. For her to write an article and say she didn’t know anything about natural hair was a bit insulting. She has a team of people to teach her. She needs to take an interest in her projects.

  5. Naturallyter1

    I can see where Solange might be coming from. It seems from her words that she might have be asked to do an about face on her true beliefs and feelings about hair. Hair is very personal and an expression of ones self. I belive that the moment you have to begin to let another person take control of that personal expression, the situation becomes a little less business and a lot more about saving personal identity. I belive Solange is more of a “hair” person than she is portraying to the world.

  6. naturallystellar

    I’ve been natural for over 15 years & I also like to take the minimalist approach. Who wants to buy 10 products to achieve 1 hair goal? Whatever happened to simplicity?

    My hats off to Solange for departing. At least she has the integrity to call it quits for something she feels strongly about. Some people just endorse these products solely to get paid, knowing when they go home they barely even crack open a jar. I think some of these natural hair product companies go overboard with the amount of products.

    Hopefully, we can all please leave the chick alone, hair is not life, it’s just a small expressive part of who we are.

  7. curlyteaconsult (@curlyteaconsult)

    For some people, it just ain’t that serious. I understand that. But I love figuring out what I want to do with my hair, trying new DIY concoctions, testing out maintenance styles, etc. I love that stuff. Some ppl don’t. However, I also don’t want to be accused of being Team Natural Vice President simply because I share advice and like trying things either. I’m hoping Solange isn’t saying because Carol’s Daughter makes full product lines, then they’re trying to guilt natural women into following their regimented system, right? I respect Solange very much, but I’m not the one to just wake up and go. That just ain’t me.


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