Scalp Doctor Writes the Book on Transitioning to Natural Hair.

Dr. Kari Williams, License Trichologist and now author recently released The Journey Back.

“Whether you are a well-seasoned Naturalista, newly natural or thinking about taking the journey to becoming natural…This book is for YOU! Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams, owner of the natural hair studio Mahogany Hair Revolution in Los Angeles has written an informative guide to help you understand the process of transitioning back to your natural curl When taking the steps towards transitioning It is incredibly difficult to decipher which techniques; styles and products will work best for your specific hair type.

The Journey Back: How to Transition Back to Your Natural Curl is a quick, detailed read that will give you all of the information you need to feel confident in your transition to natural hair. The Journey Back not only covers the transitioning process, but also provides styling options and key product and ingredient information to help you protect and preserve your newly natural hair.”

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Natural Hair Rules Review

I completed this book within an hour.  And even as a hair guru, I found the information very helpful.  I also enjoyed seeing professional photos of transitional styles.  It is truly a great motivational tools for anyone. Dr. Kari integrates commonly asked questions, practical tips and a wealth of hair knowledge in less than 20 pages to get your natural hair journey started right.


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