Hairy Lessons

Karen McDonell, Women’s Home Manger of Volunteer Services & Community Outreach, Jennifer Watson, Women’s Home Communications Manager and Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules

Last week, I was asked to speak at Women’s Home in Houston, TX. Karen McDonell and Jennifer Watson extended the invitation for me to share the life lessons I have learned from my natural hair journey.  There are soooooo many.  When I first went natural it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now.  Natural products were far and few in between.  One of the all natural products that I found early on was Eden BodyWorks.  Eden BodyWorks was so kind to donate their Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Kit to all of the ladies at the event.


I was so touched by each one of the women.   I emphasis the fact that our hair just like our fingerprint is unique to us as individuals.  “No other person has hair exactly like yours.” Each woman is as unique as the hair on their head.  Although our hair is different the lessons we can learn from loving our hair are not.

What we can learn from our hair?

  • Unconditional Love
  • Patience
  • Faith
  • Flexible

These are all lessons that we have share.  Many of the clients of the shelter nodded in agreement.  What I have found is we as women  can talk beauty all day long.  This includes hair. We always admire others women’s hair.  And we have so many stories about life events that resulted in new hair dos.  Our hairstories unite us, in my opinion.

I encourage you to join the cause.   Many organizations that provide homes for the homeless and victims of abuse need  new or gently used hair products. Products that are collecting dust on your bathroom shelves.  Why not donate them for a good cause?

I ended the discussion with a poem a wrote in 2009, Has My Natural Offended You.  This is very dear to me.  Please read or listen in the video below and comment if you like it.  The video is a little rough.  For whatever reason I was a little nervous. But I hope you like it.

If you don’t keep it moving…cuz I’m an artist and I’m sensitve about my sh… j/j

Have you found any of these lessons to be true about your natural hair?


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