3 “No Poo” Methods to Avoid


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“No Poo” method is well known within the curly girl community.  Many use alternative cleansing agents for their natural hair instead of traditional shampoos that contain harsh sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Many ladies chose to co-wash or shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Here are some of alternatives or shampoo substitutes that you should avoid.


Castille Soap

Using castille soap was one of my natural hair mistakes. Castile is vegetable oil-based cleanser.  It can be used for the whole body; hair, body and teeth.  Teeth? I know that sounds weird. I’m not making it up, came straight from the manufacturers website.

Why avoid this cleanser?   It has a very high pH. Although you are left with a squeaky feeling and tingly  scalp (especially if you use the Peppermint Infused Castille Soap) the hair shift is left swollen and ruffled. This leads to frizz, dryness and ultimately breakage.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a common household cleaner. Some naturals even use it as a shampoo substitute.  Beware it can cause some damaging effects.

Why avoid this cleanser? Baking Soda has an extremely high pH that will cause brittleness. Some naturals swear by it. You can even add a little to your conditioner to make a scrub for the scalp.  Black Girl Long Hair weighs the pros and cons of baking soda.

Co-Washing Only


Co-washing cleaning hair with conditioner only. More on co-washing. Shampoo natural hair is essential for a healthy hair regimen.  The purpose of shampooing is to gently remove dirt, residue and excess hair products. A clean scalp is a happy scalp and a happy scalp allow healthy hair to grow.  Even if you use the curly girl method and choose to co-wash regularly you should also shampoo your hair and scalp at least every two week. Shampoo weekly especially if you use heavy styling products and/or you have dandruff/dry scalp.

Why avoid this cleanser? Ok you’re not avoiding conditioner, only opting for a sulfate free shampoo to use at least bi-weekly.

What “No Poo” Products Do You Use & Why?



One thought on “3 “No Poo” Methods to Avoid

  1. champu baker

    Dear Natural hair rules, as a natural hairstylist and manufacturer of healthy hair products, i have to admit…it took years of research sulfate free products.youshould try my shampoo it is infused with peppermint and i also add argan oil which leaves my hair and scalp free of harsh chemicals our hair dont need. I am willing to send you a free sample to anyone who would like to try it….please send me an email or add me on facebook. It will be my pleasure to share my treasure! One love.


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