My Natural Hair at Spark and Hustle Houston


Thursday, July 12th was Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Houston.  I was so excited to be in attendance.  Tory Johnson has a heart for women business owners.  Johnson is really in tune to the needs and concerns of entrepreneurs.  She did a fantastic job addressing a wide variety of business owners through the day’s workshops and break out sessions.  Many of the speakers have overcome hurdles to achieve national distribution of their products.

The morning of the event it was pouring.  With the forecast I went with a two strand twist up do.  Fellow blogger and entrepreneur, Women are Game Changer took awesome photos.  See below. My natural hair was still stretched out from my blow out.

This natural hair style is pretty simple.

Its 5-6 jumbo flat twist with 3 two strand twist at the back of the head.  Starting with the inside twist  & roll like a cinnamon roll. Secure with hair pins. Continue to wrap the twist around the cinnamon roll. Work from the inside out with the twisted sections.

 I’m working on a video tutorial now.

You can also read a full re-cap of the event on my personal blog, Tamara Floyd.

Click to Enlarge



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