More on Postpartum Hair Loss

Invisible Braid and Front Pompadour |photo credit: Kirby Mack Photography & Design



Invisible Braid to the back with side bun | Photo Credit: Point & Click Photography


Here are some tips from Curly Nikki to ease the transition period following childbirth below.


  • Wear protective styles that are friendly to your delicate edges (loose buns and twists as opposed to slick, tight buns and braids). This not only reduces manipulation but also will help to maintain your sanity.
  • Twist-out instead of Wash&Go…in my opinion, twist-outs appear fuller.
  • Focus on moisture and avoid harsh products such as gels and mousses.
  • Use castor oil. It’s known to promote hair growth and thicken up the hair line.
  • Massage your scalp once a day for one minute to stimulate growth. For an added bonus, lace those fingertips with castor oil!
  • Take your vitamins and supplements (I continued taking my prenatal vitamins for a year after delivery)
  • Keep baby’s (and Daddy’s) hands out of your curls!
  • Have lots and lots of patience!

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