Common mistakes in styling natural hair


Common mistakes made in styling natural hair


Ever spend hours shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning and finally styling your natural hair to only end up with an uncouth mess.  Here are some common mistakes made in styling natural hair.  These minor details can make the difference between a cute defined style and frizzy shrunken afro.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there’s anything is wrong with a fro.  I love my fro.  But when you have put in the work to achieve a specific style; you want your hair to look as such.



  • Flip hair over while washing and styling. Style your natural hair in the shower in the direction that it grows naturally.  This will help manage tangles.
  • Use too many natural hair products.  Using globs of product can not only starve your hair of natural moisture that it needs to fight frizz but it can also cause nasty build-up.  Your natural hair regimen when styling should consist of a sulfate-free cleanser/shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and styling product.  Some of your natural hair products serve multiple functions.  Click here to purchase natural hair products.
  • Use too little styling product.  Your natural hair should be saturated with your STYLING product for maximum results.
  • Practice braiding or twisting while looking in the mirror. It sounds crazy but think about it.  If you’re braiding or twisting your hair in the mirror, you’re watching a mirror reflection of your hands.  Try not to watch your hands in the mirror it can be confusing.


  • Use products as instructed.  To get the most out of your hair products, read the product directions.  This will ensure  that you reap the benefits of the products.
  • Use a detangling tool or technique to define your curls and smooth ruffled hair before styling.  This makes a huge difference in the finished product of your styling session.  Many stylist actually recommend detangling your hair every time you wash to minimize single strand knots.  Detangle and define your natural curls with a Denman brush or wide tooth comb. Finger combing is ok too but mostly for wash n gos styles.
  •  Use a styling product. Styling products are very important to achieve hold and minimizing frizz.  If you’re looking for an all-natural styling product try flax seed gel or aloe vera gel. Even Shealoe works.


What tips or advice would you add to achieve the perfect natural hair style?


7 thoughts on “Common mistakes in styling natural hair

  1. Deuce

    Thank you for the tips. I am 4 weeks BIG CHOP, and it was major for me (emotionally). I found the tips really helpful. I really want to see my natural curl pattern, and I wanted to know what is t the purpose of the Denman brush. My hair is only about 1-2″ in length so is it even ready to brush yet?? I appreciate all of the advice with and without typos. Thank You

  2. Mel

    I love this article. I actually discovered I do all of these things except for #3. I am afraid to overuse the product to avoid having white residue or extra oily hair. Thanks so much for this Tamara. It gives me extra confidence that I’m doing great with my hair care. 4 months natural and loving it!!

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      Thank you!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy styling!!! Congrats on your decision to return to natural.

  3. nappy headed black girl

    Thanks for comment number 2. I think people become overzealous when they first go natural and jump on every product bandwagon in the process. The key is to work with a few products at a time and figure out what your hair needs.

  4. Tangled Hair Techs

    Great post, there are so many mistakes women make with natural hair and DETANGLING is a big one. You stated that women should get a detangling technique or tool, well the best one is the Take Down Remover Cream. It can detangle through knots, tangles or matts safely and easy. It keeps the hair soft and moisturized while you detangle.

    The product even takes out or combs out natural dreadlocks. Detangling can be frustrating even when you are transitioning from chemically treated hair as well. We provide detangling services for women and children-so we deal with a lot of different hair textures. And no matter what the hair texture is-natural hair can be detangled and protected with this product.


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