Natural Hair Not Formal Enough


I’m sure you heard Wendy Williams’ comment about Viola Davis’ Red Carpet look at this year’s Academy Awards Show. In short, “natural hair is not formal”  Full story here.

My question is not formal in comparison to her usually wigs? Viola Davis looks gorgeous point blank and end of story.


What are your thoughts about Wendy Williams comments?  Is she just hatin’? Is natural hair just too informal?


4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Not Formal Enough

  1. RR

    Such a sham she tries to project her insecurities onto others. That’s all it is. She needs to build a bridge and get over herself already. Sheesh!

  2. Kimberly Keene

    I love natural hair. I don’t have a problem with wigs, weaves, or relaxed hair, but I prefer natural for myself. Just like the comment left above says, Wendy Williams does project her own insecurities onto to others and she has a problem with wanting to be liked or loved. To say such a thing about someone, especially a black woman is insulting. I like Viola Davis, I always thought she was pretty, and her natural hair enhances her beauty. So Viola is great, Wendy needs to keep it moving…

  3. EBH

    Personally I think Viola looks a lot better with her natural hair. I don’t know if the wigs are used primarily for her acting roles, but they are not a good look. Sorry for those of you who favor wigs or weaves but I have never and I hope I never have to. Wendy’s hair weave still does not help her look feminine. So I would not say a word if I looked like her. But Viola girls yes!! keep rocking your natural and I think it looks very nice when formal and casual. Loving it!!


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