“Nothing But”

Sofn’Free® Introduces “Nothing But” Textured, Natural Hair Products

— Created Without Five Ingredients Common in Hair Care —

Sofn’Free’s Nothing But is the answer to the  natural-hair community call for affordable, textured-hair products made without sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, colorants and phthalates.  My initial thought when recieving these products was finally, someones listening.  Sofn’free actually took the time do a complete marketing study of our hair care needs.


I look forward to experimenting with the following products.  If you’ve tried these comment below and let me know what you think.


The following is the complete lineup:

Cleansing Conditioner – A co-wash that is so gentle, it leaves the curl pattern intact after cleansing. 16 oz, $8.99

Clarifying Shampoo – Gently cleans hair and the scalp without sulfates; ideal for use before deep conditioning. 12 fl oz, $7.99

Intense Healing Mask – Gives curls the ability to absorb moisture from all sides, balancing each strand’s porosity. Ringlets and spirals become strong and resistant to breakage, even when combed. 16 oz, $10.99

Curly Pudding – Takes less to do more with this never-crunchy curly pudding that’s just right for wash-and-wear locks and two-strand twists. 8.8 oz, $7.99

Curl Wake Up Spray – Created with virtually weightless natural shine boosters, it makes curls rise and shine, literally. 8 fl oz, $7.99

Curl Sealer – Adds shine and maintains moisture over a longer period. Helps hair lock in moisture and curliness. 8.8 oz, $7.99

Mold & Hold Wax – A non-flake formula that makes versatile styling of twists, locks and knots much easier. It also keeps the scalp healthy. 8.8 oz, $7.99


More About Sofn’free “Nothing But

Sofn’free has listened, turned to research and development, and created Nothing But, a new and affordable line that is free of phthalates and five ingredients common in hair care and questioned by Naturals. Nothing But calls out all six in the front of each label. It creates no hype about any one single natural ingredient it uses in small doses, just an honest approach to giving Naturals what they want and need. Fittingly, the new brand’s tag line is Honest Hair Care. Its website is www.NothingButHairCare.com.

*This a sponsor post. Sofn’free’s Nothing But products were provided to Natural Hair Rules for a product review.

One thought on ““Nothing But”


    I would love to know what to use for my edging for the breaking in the front of my head I will try your products my hair is 4c please let me know what I need to use for my hair thanks


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