Natural Hair in the Media


A revealing Boston University shows hair relaxers can cause fibroids in the uterus as well as cause early puberty. See news report below. In watching this story, I found that this shocking information is overshadowed by the “natural hair rules”. You know the “natural hair rules”. Untruths, misconceptions and/or myths about natural hair. Not to mention the stereotypes for those who wear natural hair. After a few years of natural hair becoming more and more popular why are we STILL discussing whether or not natural hair is professional, if you can get a man with natural hair or if you are “down with the cause” because you chose to wear an afro.

Comment below on whether or not you feel like the “natural hair rules” are still relevant today.


Study Causes Hair Scare about Tumors:


One thought on “Natural Hair in the Media

  1. Positive Peace ! (@MrsMissypooh005)

    Natural hair rule’s over relaxer….
    For so long I said I could not ever stop relaxing my hair I love my many different hair styles , until my relaxer started to damage my head , and that day came I made up my mind to not ever relax again . I didn’t do the big chop it’s been two years and I love it , I think if woman knew how many successful black men think natural hair is so sexy more would go for the look .The company I been with for over 16 years the black successful men think it’s sexy to see a black woman with her hair natural I laugh hearing them talk about how sexy a black woman looks when she rock’s her own swagg , my husband whom I have been with for 22 years married for 14 years think’s natural hair is so, so sexy , he love’s my new look and I must say , my mind is so clear , I don’t feel angry any more , it has changed a lot about me as a woman for the better I find myself telling young girls how to fix their hair when they stop me and ask how you get your hair like that and your make up so pretty , I tell them natural hair will make you own it …it keeps you ready and keep from haveing to get ready sexy and it’s so so me ..I’m writing a book on my natural beauty ….I know natural hair rule if you can buy a relaxer for $1.99 now ….


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