Happy New Years!!!

My New Years look Rock Flat Twist Out

See Flat Twist Out


I would first like to say “Thank You”. I love and appreciate each one of you from the bottom of my heart.  I have provided weekly post on natural hair since 2008 and our family of naturalistas has grown exponential.  Many of you have learned and grown with me & my natural hair.  I call you friend. You have encouraged me on this journey. Our community of natural men and women is so supportive.  When I announced that I was pregnant with my first child the out pour of this support was overwhelming. Special thank you to those who gave words of kindness during my first pregnancy.  I appreciate your words & gifts from our diaper registry.

Throughout my time as a natural hair guru, I have had the privilege to meet many of you in person.  It is always like meeting a long lost sister.  It is because of this mysterious kinship that I do what I do.

I wish each one of you a productive, prosperous & procrastination free New Year.  Stay encouraged & continue to encourage each other, by doing so you empower others to be who they are naturally. I look forward to getting to know you better in 2012. We will have more giveaways, events and products reviews in the New Year. If you have not already subscribed to our email list or liked us on Facebook, please do.  And tell a friend about Natural Hair Rules.com. My wish is that we continue to grow together surpassing our current following of 50,000.

I also want invite you to follow me on my newest journey motherhood at www.boxerandthebaby.wordpress.com.



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