Simplifying Your Natural Hair Regimen

My prince, Deuce is a month old this week. (More pics here) Life with a newborn, you have small intervals of time to do everyday task. Sometimes, I have to choose whats more important sleep or food. With that said I have had to be very creative in thoroughly cleansing my thick and long natural hair and protective styling in those allotted time intervals.

Here are some methods/techniques used to simplify my natural hair regimen.
1. Back to basics- Like most women, I have a small beauty supply store in my bathroom. I found that product with all-natural ingredients or natural products in general work best for my hair. The right products make managing your hair easy and save time. Some of my favorite products include:

2. Shampooing hair in medium sections with diluted shampoo out of an applicator bottle, you will get optimize your cleansing experience. Here’s a great video that demonstrates the technique I use to thoroughly cleanse my hair. “Washing Medium/Long Natural Hair” Click here.

  • Tips on washing natural hair such as how often, what products to use etc. Click here
  • Non-sulfate shampoo is the first step in moisturizing your natural hair. Read more about Dry Natural Hair

3. Styling in simply styles that stretch and protect my natural hair from root to tip. Twist out or Twist n curl with medium two strand twist. I usually leave my hair in twist unless Im going out. For the most part, my hair is in a twist protective style where I can easily add moisture to both my hair root to tip and scalp. Below are links to my go-to simple styles with videos.

4. Add moisture to your hair daily. This not only helps to maintain the health of your natural hair but also trains your hair to retain moisture and prevents dry scalp.

Moisturizing Daily
Dry natural hair is not eliminated by a miracle product.
Deep Conditioning Tricks
5. Cover your hair at night. If my hair is not already in twist, I will add moisture and re-twist in chunky twist; tuck away ends then cover with a satin scarf. This protects and prevent hair from snagging breaking, dry and becoming frizz as well as preserves my style. See example.

What tips do you have to save time with cleansing and styling natural hair? Comment below


6 thoughts on “Simplifying Your Natural Hair Regimen

  1. Terez

    Great tips. It is really tough to find the time for yourself with a newborn. When my daughter was a newborn, I kept my hair in two strand twists for a while. I would take them out only to retwist when I had the chance. Protective styling saved my natural hair during that very busy time.

  2. Dawnette Justasiam

    I’m new at the natural hair thing so my hair blown out is right above my shoulders and I’m having trouble trying to find styles to put my hair in finding products to use and finding ways to do my hair. I did the wash with the leave in conditioner but after it dries it has shrunk up and it looks dry. Do u have any suggestions I really need help on my natural road in life.

  3. robdc

    Great tips! I wish I’d known about twists before my 10 month old was born! My hair has suffered a lot during this period, when I’ve often been too sleepless and frazzled to care for my hair…I would wear it in a bun and be happy if I had time to comb it out after washing! I watched your video on how to twist hair, so I’m going to try that ASAP.


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