Natural Hair Sorority Meet-up in Houston, TX


Natural Hair Sorority

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The first meeting has been set for the inaugural class of Pi Nappa Kappa, a natural hair “sorority” founded by a group of young women who want to free women of color from what they say is a stigma attached to wearing natural hairstyles.

The first national natural hair meetup will take place Dec. 10-11 at the Reliant Center in Houston.

Women interested in joining the sorority must sign up by Dec. 9, and can take the pledge to go natural at Details are also available on the organization’s Facebook page:

Since its establishment the summer, the Natural Hair Sorority has been the subject of debate.  Many weigh the pros and cons of an organization that specifically caters to the natural hair community.   Some feel it not only makes a mockery of historical African American Greek organization with its name but another means to separate the natural from relaxed men and women of the same community.  Supporters of the natural hair organization argue that it is only another group that brings together men and women of common interest.


Will you be there? Do you feel a natural hair sorority is needed?

Read More about the Natural Hair Sorority here


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