Postpartum Hair Loss


My little prince is two weeks.  During the pregnancy, I noticed my hair was NOT shedding at all.  I already knew that I would lose that hair in postpartum.  Hair loss is a common part of the postpartum process.  Some of the NHR readers as well as myself wanted to know what can you do to avoid or minimize the postpartum natural hair loss.

Below are some links

Postpartum Hair Loss via What to Expect

Postpartum Hair Loss via BabyCenter

More pics of my prince.


Comment below if you have any recommendations or tips to minimize postpartum hair loss.


5 thoughts on “Postpartum Hair Loss

  1. Shuntae

    Im not really sure that theres much you can do besides keep your hair as healthy as humanly possible and to be gentle with it. Ive had three girls, and it happens every single time. I breastfed for a year also. With the first time, I was frustrated and a lot of unnecessary shedding happened. It will shed, just be gentle, and itll only be around the sides (at least for me). It started at about 3 months postpartum and ended about 6 months postpartum. I hope this helps. This is just my experience. Of course yours will probably vary from mine. Best of luck on your natural tresses! 😀

  2. Mrs. Val

    I experienced postpartum shedding, especially around my edges! I am using Castor Oil and MSM to help thickening them. I posted progress pics on my blog!

  3. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this post. Once my little girl turned 3 months, my hair started shedding like crazy. My edges are starting to thin out and everything. Ill try the castor oil and see if that will help curb it.


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