Is it just hair?


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I posed this question on the NHR Facebook page:  What has your natural hair journey taught you about yourself?

The response was great and varied from certain key life principle/values to the very basic how to take care of my hair.  But overall many that commented responded with their lessons simply put of patience, self-love, self-acceptance and newly found respect for individual beauty.

Some women who have transitioned to natural hair and even more people who have not; ask “what’s the big deal, it’s just hair.”  But is it really?  This physically transformation can very easily turn into a mental and spiritual epiphany?  I’ll let you weigh in.

After transitioning to natural hair, is it still just hair?  What has your natural hair journey taught you about yourself?


5 thoughts on “Is it just hair?


    When I decided to go natual it was because my permed hair would not grow past my shoulders and my hair was falling out when I did the big chop I loved how healthy my hair is, I had to learn to not worry about what others think on how I should wear my hair you know be comfortable in your own skin and loving what God gave you. So I feel like it is not just hair if your own hair is not healthy that is what matters to me. Whether you wear your hair permed, weaved up, wigs or whatever just make sure your own hair is healthy.

  2. Renee

    I was taught to hate my hair. My mother and my brother are fairer with “good hair.” I have a chocolate complexion and 4b/4c hair like my father. From the age of 10 onward I have worn relaxers, braids, and later, weaves. A bout of pneumonia and 6 days in the hospital opened my eyes to some things about my life I wanted to change. I wanted to love myself more. I decided to take out my extensions and go natural.

    Going natural has been such a healing journey for me. I was not prepared for how freeing it would be. Or how accepting and loving other people have been toward me. I guess there was a part of me that expected people to point and laugh lol…I really felt that my nappy hair (as a child) was just that hideous.

    I braid my hair down each night and have a little ritual of spritzing from the water bottle, adding Shealoe, and then braiding into sections. I have come to look forward to slowing down and closing my day with that 45 minute ceremony…and I say ritual and ceremony on purpose…because thats what it feels like…communing with myself. My hair is strong and beautiful. I never thought I would ever get to a place where I could say I love my hair, but I do. I love my hair 🙂

  3. Kim

    It’s just hair for some of us. But for others it more than that. I think it just depends on perception and your overall interest in it. I think that all hair is beautiful as long as it is healthy but I have met people that say differently. I wish it was just hair. These are just things that we have to deal with. It’s very sad

  4. Amber

    It is not just hair, it is a statement. When I woman decides to wear her hair in its natural state, she is saying (whether consciously or subconsciously) that she is no longer going to hide and suppress herself. She id deciding to embrace what has been given to her genetically. She has decided to call it good, like her Creator. It seems to me that some black people in this country seem to forget the struggle he have and continue to through. Namely, that we were created with darker skin and kinkier hair. The Lord said it is/was good, and we don’t have to lighten our skin or straighten our hair to fit in. We are called good, and now we are enbracing that truth with a decision to wear our hair natural.


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