Anti-Lace Front PSA: Video

I shared this on the NHR Facebook page but I wanted to post it here too!

Do you wear lace-fronts wigs? Do you feel like lace fronts are getting out of control?



6 thoughts on “Anti-Lace Front PSA: Video

  1. Robin

    If could have seen what I saw this morning in church!!! The wig really nice but the lace front was horrible! And this sister is so pretty!! I wish I could get her to go natural!

  2. Stella

    I cant understand why naturals have a problem with anyone whos not wearing their own hair. Why is it anyones business what I have on the top of my head. If its not effecting you in any type of way then mind your own business. And the last time I checked, wigs are none a protective hairstyles so right now, #icant with the natural lynching mob.

  3. Ms. Williams

    Stella, The same could be said for non-naturals. We all have our opinions and disagreements. I dont think its a lynch mob. Its just a lot of strong feelings. If that is what you feel comfortable with, do you. People–no matter what side–will always have something to say.

  4. Nibb

    where are the lace fronts made to look like natural/afro hair? Surely theres a market for that. I have days when I dont want to do my hair or have less time and want to just pull on and go. Currently have to resort to natural looking wigs!

  5. Alexandra

    OMG that is so funny!!! I used to wear lace fronts but no one knew they were LF’s because I made sure that my hair line showed. People just thought they were wigs.


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