The Curls Are Back


After wearing my natural hair straight for about two weeks. I finally shampooed with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner and my curls are back. I enjoy the versatility of natural hair. I love wearing my hair straight but I always suffer from withdrawal when it comes to my curls. The day I got my blowout, my stylist did trim my ends but more to give my hair a nice shape while straight. But I found that my ends still had many single strand knots and split ends. Read more about split ends  here.  I went to another stylist while my hair was still straight to get a proper trim throughout my whole head.

One question I get often is do I ever have any straight ends? And the answer is no. I know some curlies experience heat damage when straightening their natural hair. I believe there are many factors that contribute to heat damage. The main reason(s) you may experience heat damage; your ends are semi damage, you or your stylist is using too much heat, and/or heat protective products aren’t being used during the styling process. Here are some of my tips for healthy blow out or press. See my before picture with straight natural hair here.

Sorry a Little Blurry


What are some of the challenges you have when wearing your natural hair straight? What tips do you have? Comment below


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