40 Weeks



I decided to protective style in two strand twist. Today, I felt fancy and did a quick up swept. You can see more picture here Hopefully,this gets me through the labor and delivery and postpartum recovery. I’m open to mommy and mommy to be natural hairstyle recommendations.

Comment below with your favorite go to hairstyle.


NHR Family thank you so much to everyone who has so graciously showered us with prayers, blessings and gifts as we await the arrival of our lil prince. For those who would like to send the baby a gift, our friends at Diaper.com are offer $10 off our registry

Savings Code: TAMA7283. Click picture on the right or above to participate.


One thought on “40 Weeks

  1. LaKeisha Harrell

    This is really cute!!! When I had my son a couple of months ago, I did cornrows and those lasted me for a few weeks. I had a lot if energy and my hubby around, so I could take them down and do my two-strand twists! Good luck, being a mommy is an unexplainable joy;)


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